Sunday, April 28, 2013

Hello My Bloggy Friend....

its been a crazy long time! 

April thought it would get away without a post, but muhahaha...not so fast!  I made it just under the wire. 

Okay, so, let's do a quick update before moving onto more important thing like fun projects I am working on.

1.  Nathan has started to ride his bike without training wheels.  He falls down a lot.  But he went about 10 feet or so unaided today. 

2.  Evan started potty training really early compared to Nathan.  He is still training.  I should have known better.  The kid goes anytime I ask him to...however, he doesn't go on his own.  He just doesn't seem to care. 

3.  Rarely do I think I will ever be one of those parents whose kids are doing things the fastest, best, quickest, smartest, etc.  That's okay though, because most parents who talk about their kids like that are really annoying. 

4.  I took Nathan swimming yesterday with a friend of his to a community pool.  Daddy takes the boys to swimming lessons everyweek.  Nathan really does sink.  Its interesting...he tries so frickin' hard but just sinks.  I hope he eventually gets it....sooner rather than later. 

5.  We finally got our shower door put in...the basement bathroom is almost complete  Just the mirror and custom made medicine cabinet now...I really should take pictures. 

6.  My parents remodeling is almost done.  I think.  I have some of their old curtains, which are in really good shape, to put up.  I cannot find or figure out traverse rods though.  They also insisted on me taking some of the old school desks, because they don't have space.  Why my parents think that in their 6000+ square foot house they don't have "space" is beyond me, but why they think in my house which is less than half their size, I do. 

7.  I asked Chris today if he thought if when we got older like our parents if we would start acting like they do.  We both decided we hoped not, but maybe its in our nature and we don't realize it until we get there. 

8.  My dad started chemo.  On top of having cancer and feeling sick, he drains everyone around him emotionally.   Its really not a happy time over there, which is interesting, compared to when my mom did chemo.  I am going to start working on my attitude - more like my mom, less like my dad.  It's obvious to me that her attitude is just a healthier one. 

9.  Nathan starts a U6 soccer team next week.  They needed volunteer coaches....Chris will helping out.  We are going to have a busy spring/summer until July 4.

10. Chris is also playing soccer.  Big changes on his family, as his brother and family are moving back home.  Nathan and Evan and thrilled they get to see their cousins all the time  now.

11.  In February I tried sushi.  In March, I tried it again.  In April, I had it a third time at a local place.  I like it!  its pricey.  Not sure why I gagged on it before. (had tried it a few times many years ago).

12.  I have scrubbed the interior of my house a few times now.  Up next, the normal spring things.  Lots of rain this week, so windows probably not yet...maybe I will wait until after the cottonwood flies.  Its nice to be back to an almost normal schedule.  Once May hits, it really will be normal (i have one large project to finish up this week).

Okay, this is a long post.  I have decided to put pictures on the next one.  Oh!  and the reason I have a hard time putting picutres on here?  My  hard drive is failing.  Another reason I didn't really blog for some computer, no blog. 

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