Tuesday, May 7, 2013


So, I was working on making some more yarn-wrapped hangers (since those are fabulous. I mean, I get so sick and tired of either picking up stuff that falls off plastic hangers, or buttoning up things that husband/kids hang up, etc..., whoops!  I digressed..) and then one day when I was cutting off the selvages of some fabric I had, I thought "Hey!  these would be great to wrap around hangers!" 
Probably not a novel idea, but I thought of it on my own, and they are turning out so cute.  :)
I organized a bunch of selvages my MIL had saved into color groups, and then made some hangers. 

The not-so-pretty one, the red/pink/green mix, was my first attempt to see how it went.  After that, the other ones have looked so nice.  What a wonderful way to not only make a better hanger, but do it with a scrap of fabric that you ALWAYS cut off and never use.  awesome!  no more wasted fabric for me. 

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