Tuesday, July 30, 2013

am I the only one?

who's children come home from school with socks like this?

I mean, do little girls get their socks this dirty too?  I really don't know how he manages it.  The picture actually makes them look better than they are in person too!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

reflections on old friends...

with things like Facebook, its easy to stay "connected" to people, however truly disengaged you are with them. 

People who used to be really close to you, are treated and viewed the same way as people you may casually know or barely even know at all.  I find this sad. 

and the items people often post are just snapshots of a moment of a day - perhaps the only part you truly want people to see - hardly who you are or what happened.  Kind of like when company comes over and the whole house is scrubbed clean...do we ever really live like this?  why do we want others to think we do?   Partially out of a respect for a guest, but what is the other, deeper reason?

When you find out old friends are "in town" but you don't hear from them, it's hard as well.  Without Facebook, you wouldn't know things like that. You may not have a relationship anymore due to time, distance, or some other unknown reason, but it just pushes you even further away every time you read something like that.  You have to shut down that little part of your heart or space in yourself because otherwise you just open yourself up to hurt every time.    

I had to do this a couple years ago or so with a friend I was really close to and loved - she just didn't have the time for me anymore and was very (painfully) honest about it.  I am glad she was honest with me even though it hurt bad.  After a conversation on IM that I couldn't believe, and a tearful call to my husband to tell him that we were certainly not friends anymore since I didn't deserve to be treated that way by anyone (hmph!), I realized that her life had changed, and there was distance between us, and families to take care of and that it was probably for the best.   I often think that she had no idea how badly she hurt me, and at least that was comforting. 

What is getting weird now is that I measure things in terms of the ages of my kids, like, for one example, the above mentioned friend has never met Evan.  He just turned three.  So I know its been three years.  A long time. 

And another friend/old co-worker that I used to sew with occasionally, who was hilarious, and even threw me a beautiful baby shower, has never met Nathan.  Nathan is 5 and turning 6 in the fall.  I invited her over three or four times after  Nathan was born, but I never got a response back.  We are Facebook friends now, that's it.   We got together in the fall for drinks and dinner one night and it was obvious we didn't have much in common to talk about anymore.  She and her husband decided long ago to never have children.  My kids are pretty much all I talk about....

So, I guess Facebook does do this really great service as it can keep you in touch with old friends throughout the year.   At the same time, its a really sad tool, that keeps you tethered to people who may simply feel that way out of obligation and can open you up to old feelings you thought long ago you had closed the book on.    Its even true with family...

I know I cannot do anything about anyone else, but I can do something about me.  I am not perfect, and I make mistakes too, and I know I've probably done the same things to people others have done to me, but not intentionally.   So, I like to think the same with others, and I work hard to steer clear from Facebook other than to see cute pictures of friend's kids, see what my dorky relatives are doing, or what is going to happen tonight on Masterchef. 

Roary and Nathan

As Nathan gets older, one of the nice things to see is how Roary is warming up to him.  For a few weeks, I would find Roary curled up on Nathan's bed while he slept.  This never used to happen, but Roary doesn't seem to mind the wiggling as much as he used to, and Nathan just lets him be whenever he notices him, and they are both happy. 

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

I've been so excited to show these pictures!

Since February 2012, we have been working on a few things in our basement.  Some of it got done last summer, and some of it in the fall, and now, its hard to believe, that pretty much all of it (except for some minor tweaking) is complete! 
One of the final things was re-plumbing the laundry room so that a nice drop in sink, countertop, and shelves could be put in. 
This is how it looked (the frame is new)....
This is the view from the other side, that's the closet that got put in last fall.  As you can see, the whole place is a mess. 

A few days later, we had this!  getting closer...so exciting!

 The bathroom has been almost done for a while, with the exception of this built-in cabinet behind the mirror that Chris came up with.  It was a great idea, but it took him some time to figure out how to do it....here it is with the shelves installed...there is so much room - what a great use of space that was just going to be dead space. 

We also had the shower door put in a month or so ago...nice.

As you can see, the whole basement was a work zone.  No fears, kids weren't allowed downstairs during this week. 

argh!  mess!

Future laundry room cabinet...getting closer...

I stained and varnished some things...Chris is putting the pieces together here.... 

Closer on the laundry room....

Plumbing redo...

This picture below doesn't say much, but I have been asking for it since the house got built.  I asked the builder why he didn't do it (since he was supposed to) and he just shrugged.  Anyways, its just access for the crawl space -- I don't have to go between the boards now.  yes!

This also looks like nothing, but Chris moved the socket so that I wouldn't trip on it anymore.  yes!  that's been on the list for awhile too...yes yes!  See?  no socket!

I also stained the deck...Chris did the high parts on the ladder too.  I was really sick the night before, so I am proud I was able to work most of the day, with lots of breaks.  It looks pretty nice...until next year. 


Here is the finished cabinet in the bathroom. 

Look how pretty it is!!!!  Chris did such a good job -- his Dad also helped, but Chris is so handy now.  I think he can pretty much do anything, just like my brother. 

On Sunday we spent the day cleaning.  I scrubbed and vacuumed, dusted, mopped, and killed bugs.  Finally, it was back to normal. 

Felt so good to have our basement back!!!  - ready for the hot week ahead....(this was a week or so ago before that heat wave)

And finally, the laundry room....it looks so neat when you walk into it. 

Hello countertop.  Hello sink.  Hello boys....

 I just kept staring at it.  I couldn't believe it was done.  crazy. 

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Evan Turns Three (Let the fun begin!)

In anticipation of turning three, the past week with Evan has been difficult.  He is asserting his independence in new and different ways, and trying to do what he wants all the time.  It isn't working for him.  So, we have been dealing with reports from school, lots of tears, and a constant power struggle.  Similar to Nathan, two was easy.  Three?  Three was hard. 
On Saturday we decided to celebrate since his birthday is actually today, but Daddy has soccer.  It was a beautiful day here in Minnesota, so we headed out early to the Como Zoo.  A rather lame zoo, but its cheap, the kids like it, and they have Como Town.
Here they are looking at the gorillas. 

It was sunny and Evan kept trying to cover his eyes. 

Classic turtle. 

Giraffes.  Always my favorite at this zoo. 

We always do a Mommy pic in front of the giraffes...I look fat here because of how I am holding things! 
 we tried again but the sun was bothering them, and then my camera died. 

After naps Daddy and Uncle Kevin took the kids to the store and Evan picked out dinner.  Chicken nuggets, fries, chocolate milk, pringles pizza stix. 

Oh, and Kevin wanted Doritos. 

Evan was so excited!

Evan also picked out chocolate cake and chocolate frosting. 

Upset because he had to wait to open presents. 

Happy because it was going to be soon.  I tell you, three year olds and their moods....

And he opened a shirt....next?????

yae a toy!

And last but not least...his police car!  Which, he hasn't really let go of since, so I think it was a big hit. 

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Baling Hay Day Two (The Hard DAY)

My dad is doing pretty well all things considered!

Nathan just LOVED being up in the loft.  He pushed so many bales...it was incredible...I find the below picture so funny because Evan was bored and was trying to get into the fishhouse. 

I had a hard time believing that was my little boy up there working hard.

My niece was up there too.  She lives on a farm, so I don't think she found it as exciting, so she helped every now and then, but Nathan wanted every bale.  Karen and I were like, "dude, you can have them!"

When it was all over (thank goodness!), Nathan almost started crying.  He wanted to do more.