Sunday, July 21, 2013

Evan Turns Three (Let the fun begin!)

In anticipation of turning three, the past week with Evan has been difficult.  He is asserting his independence in new and different ways, and trying to do what he wants all the time.  It isn't working for him.  So, we have been dealing with reports from school, lots of tears, and a constant power struggle.  Similar to Nathan, two was easy.  Three?  Three was hard. 
On Saturday we decided to celebrate since his birthday is actually today, but Daddy has soccer.  It was a beautiful day here in Minnesota, so we headed out early to the Como Zoo.  A rather lame zoo, but its cheap, the kids like it, and they have Como Town.
Here they are looking at the gorillas. 

It was sunny and Evan kept trying to cover his eyes. 

Classic turtle. 

Giraffes.  Always my favorite at this zoo. 

We always do a Mommy pic in front of the giraffes...I look fat here because of how I am holding things! 
 we tried again but the sun was bothering them, and then my camera died. 

After naps Daddy and Uncle Kevin took the kids to the store and Evan picked out dinner.  Chicken nuggets, fries, chocolate milk, pringles pizza stix. 

Oh, and Kevin wanted Doritos. 

Evan was so excited!

Evan also picked out chocolate cake and chocolate frosting. 

Upset because he had to wait to open presents. 

Happy because it was going to be soon.  I tell you, three year olds and their moods....

And he opened a

yae a toy!

And last but not least...his police car!  Which, he hasn't really let go of since, so I think it was a big hit. 

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