Tuesday, July 23, 2013

I've been so excited to show these pictures!

Since February 2012, we have been working on a few things in our basement.  Some of it got done last summer, and some of it in the fall, and now, its hard to believe, that pretty much all of it (except for some minor tweaking) is complete! 
One of the final things was re-plumbing the laundry room so that a nice drop in sink, countertop, and shelves could be put in. 
This is how it looked (the frame is new)....
This is the view from the other side, that's the closet that got put in last fall.  As you can see, the whole place is a mess. 

A few days later, we had this!  getting closer...so exciting!

 The bathroom has been almost done for a while, with the exception of this built-in cabinet behind the mirror that Chris came up with.  It was a great idea, but it took him some time to figure out how to do it....here it is with the shelves installed...there is so much room - what a great use of space that was just going to be dead space. 

We also had the shower door put in a month or so ago...nice.

As you can see, the whole basement was a work zone.  No fears, kids weren't allowed downstairs during this week. 

argh!  mess!

Future laundry room cabinet...getting closer...

I stained and varnished some things...Chris is putting the pieces together here.... 

Closer on the laundry room....

Plumbing redo...

This picture below doesn't say much, but I have been asking for it since the house got built.  I asked the builder why he didn't do it (since he was supposed to) and he just shrugged.  Anyways, its just access for the crawl space -- I don't have to go between the boards now.  yes!

This also looks like nothing, but Chris moved the socket so that I wouldn't trip on it anymore.  yes!  that's been on the list for awhile too...yes yes!  See?  no socket!

I also stained the deck...Chris did the high parts on the ladder too.  I was really sick the night before, so I am proud I was able to work most of the day, with lots of breaks.  It looks pretty nice...until next year. 


Here is the finished cabinet in the bathroom. 

Look how pretty it is!!!!  Chris did such a good job -- his Dad also helped, but Chris is so handy now.  I think he can pretty much do anything, just like my brother. 

On Sunday we spent the day cleaning.  I scrubbed and vacuumed, dusted, mopped, and killed bugs.  Finally, it was back to normal. 

Felt so good to have our basement back!!!  - ready for the hot week ahead....(this was a week or so ago before that heat wave)

And finally, the laundry room....it looks so neat when you walk into it. 

Hello countertop.  Hello sink.  Hello boys....

 I just kept staring at it.  I couldn't believe it was done.  crazy. 

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