Sunday, July 7, 2013

Where have we been?

honestly, I don't know. 

I do know, but I don't know.  There are many reasons.

The first being, my computer was on the fritz, and then I got a new one.  And then I had to learn Windows 8. 

The second being, I got an iphone this spring, and I started playing some games on it.  I love HayDay and Dragonvale.  When I had spare time, I would play those, not come up to my (crappy old)/nice new computer and blog about what I did or was planning on doing.  I was having too much fun trying to get the elusive Moon Dragon.  Now if I could just get the firework dragon before he goes away, I would be happy. 

The third reason being, Nathan did soccer which just ended last week, and Daddy coached.  It was fun, but it was two nights a week.  Don't even get me started on how parents work all day and then come  home and haul their kids from one thing to the next.  I am already feeling the 'pressure' to have my kids do everything.  Well, I have decided they are going to have to choose, I won't be able to handle all that, and I don't like not having dinner at home very much as a family.  You know, I didn't grow up that way...other parents at work say "you will get used to it and love it!".  We will see, I guess.

The fourth reason being, my family has been stressed out, so I haven't spent much time feeling like sharing about what's going on with my dad and all the stress it causes. 

The fifth reason being that whenever I have a day off, I seem to spend it doing something, baling hay or going wedding dress shopping with my sister.  Certainly there is no time to sit at home in front of a computer!!

But I did do a phone photo dump last week finally onto the new PC, and so I will share some of those pictures to get things up-to-date here in an attempt to revitalize this blog!  Here come a lot of pictures with a quick overview of the last few months: 

My boys are active, silly, and lovable. 

Roary lays out whenever he can...

Nathan was invited to a friend's 5 year old birthday party at this art studio in Woodbury.  While I definitely did NOT want to drive out to Woodbury, I was curious what this art studio would do and figured it would be worth it...good grief!  it was not.  They did a water color painting...can we say boring??  an hour's drive and a birthday gift for that?  Sorry, but it made me dislike the mommy of the birthday boy even more than I already did (rude...)

I discovered I liked this beer one day after work when it was just me and the kids and I needed beer (yes, I really needed a BEER) so I took them to the liquor store and bought this for myself.  Yum. 

How many boys does it take to move your brothers safe?   HA, a lot.  it was a big safe.  The funniest thing about this? Listening to the commentary....  There was one person there who just kept talking and bossing everyone around...mostly because he likes the sound of his own voice I think...the rest just lifted. 

This was the last of the snow melting on my deck.  I took a picture, because it was funny.  People were all up in arms this year about the made me laugh. 

Evan sitting and talking with Grandpa while grilling.  Cute. 

Evan got a whoopee cushion.  There were lots of farts and giggles. 

I bought new running shoes.  The jogging started.  I do about 2.5 miles now when I am feeling it.  Pretty good for me since I don't enjoy it even a bit.  But, I did enjoy buying the shoes...

I left Evan alone one day with the Vaseline.  This is what happens.  He was proud of himself.  I let it go...

Got some Pedi-Couture shoes to help with my sore feet at the end of the day (totally works!) and thus had to get a pedicure.

And then I got a purse to match.  I love it!
I slowly started working on this beast again...

my parents took out their old curtains.  I asked if I could have them.  Yes, they are pink, but considering we had nothing and these were almost free (had to buy the hardware), I was happy.  I still am, because now I can walk downstairs and not think the neighbors are staring at me at night.  Not that they do, I really like my neighbors, but its just the thought. 

One day I went to pick up Evan from school and brought home this cute little girl instead.  (apparently he ran out of clothes...)

Target ran out of paper bags in May.  Bad Target. 

I have really been enjoying, I would say since February, expanding my palate.  This was dinner from Oceanaire good....(so expensive!!!  good thing I wasn't paying that night!!!)

Its hard to believe, but I finally got a prescription pair of sunglasses I like...and it surprised me from where...TARGET.  I tried twice to get sunglasses from other places that you think would be better (Pearl, LensCrafters), but I always had issues with them.  Not with Target.  I really hate this picture of me but whatever, this is me on a normal day. 

Grandma has been really busy since her house is packed full with her son and her grandkids, so she hasn't had as much time for my kids...which is totally fine, so I took Nathan to get his first "real" haircut.  He hated it, and honestly, the lady didn't do much better than Grandma...I definitely wasn't impressed. 

We enjoy Perkins.  Kids eat free on Saturdays.  WE sometimes go to church, and then go to Perkins. The kids get pancakes and pop and a cookie and a balloon and Mommy and Daddy don't have to cook. 

Nathan graduated from Preschool.  I made these.  I had so much fun doing them! 


Waving to Mommy!

My kids are messy.  *sigh*  This also goes into my latest problem:  ants.  Worst. Year. Ever.  We cannot kill them fast enough.  We cannot keep them out.  Never had this problem before.  We shall overcome them...

I took a self-defense class through work - just a two hour workshop.  it was awesome.  at the end of class, I broke this board in two.  amazing.

Evan was sick one day.  He had toast.  He was cute. 

On the Sunday of Memorial Day, we took the kids to Nadia's.  We had a great time.  Overpriced, but fun. 

After that, we found out my Uncle Bob (my Godfather) was very sick and would most likely not make it much longer.  We went and saw him.  A few hours later, he passed away.  I will miss him and my Aunt Jeanne very much.  The one thing I learned from both of them was how to be a host/hostess.  You always felt welcome, wanted, and full.   There house wasn't big, and it wasn't special, but I loved it there.  That's how I want others to feel when they come to my house. 

Evan having his first corn of the season - party at a friend's house. 

Daddy smeared frosting on Evan's face.  Evan didn't like it. 

I tried a recipe from Pinterest.  Hey, if you can't beat them, join them!  It didn't turn out.  Not sure why so many were pinning it. 

The boys went fishing in early June, so the girls (and Nathan and Evan) hung out.  We took my mom to Panino's, where the service and food unfortunately has gone completely downhill.  They even got rid of my mom's favorite Panino (the taco), so we probably won't be going back for some time.

Took the boys to a new schools get all the cool stuff.  it really is annoying. 

Put my boys to work....hauling the garbage can almost a quarter mile...

Our street got repaved.  This was entertainment for at least an hour...

I hosted a ladies sewing was fun because EVERYONE showed!!  We were jam-packed in our basement but we all got things done! 

We made German Food.  We love German Food. 

Finished!!! Need backing, quilting, and binding...not sure on the quilting yet....I think I need a professional to maybe do it? 

More soccer pictures!

Grandpa spoiling my boys...

Visiting the farm where my parents get their steers...

Happy Father's Day!  Daddy got a Vitamix!!!

Lasagna!  Yum....

Pie.  Pie that flows over is awesome.  Thus, this pie was awesome. 

Picnics...lots and lots of picnics...Nathan's cousins would come and watch the game and they would all eat dinner with Evan...

Grandpa's birthday...there are a million birthday's in the summer...hard to keep track of them all...

I bought some cabinets and put away the train table.  Gigi found a new spot. 

At the Winzer Stube.  We left at 8PM during that horrible Friday night storm.  I told Chris we should "stay back" and pulled up the weather.  The sirens started going - not a tornado but a bad storm.  I was scared.  Chris said "we will be fine" and we were but never again.  Next time we will stay put..  The Winzer Stube flooded that night and just re-opened.  Weird that we were there right before that. 

Post Winzer Stube comas.  I had to laugh. 

Up at my brother's place.  Finally had a nice time up there.  I am coming to terms with our relationship -- the fact that there isn't much of one because they don't like me and that's just who they are.  Its okay, like I said, coming to terms with it after three years....

Took Nathan downtown for a day.  We rode the train. 

Saw the skyscrapers. 

Had a hot dog at the Walking Dog - our favorite hot dog place. 

Tried the YoGurt Lab.  That place is insane. 

Grandpa and Grandma got a pool.  We've been there a lot. 

Maybe Nathan will stop being afraid of putting his head in the water? 

Sushi at Hajime.  I am totally digging sushi rolls now.  Dang, I have a craving right now. 

Well, that's it you are up to date on what we've been up to!

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