Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A few summer "loves"....

Nathan's summer program was awesome.  They had a parents night and it was so much fun, we went to their "town" and bought all sorts of stuff.  Nathan sold out of his "products" right away....he even tried to sell me a Vikings colored one (which I refused) and then he sold me a rainbow rock (which I love).  Anyways, they wrote an article about it in our local paper...
Here is the photo from it - Nathan's in the background selling stuff!

I made a lot of pies for our Church festival....

We had random picnics.  This day was really funny because while we were at the park, they were repaving it.  A guy walked over and I thought he was going to kick us out, instead he was nice and he left a little tiny spot we could walk out on the edge. 

Nathan won a very big (and absolutely disgusting...sorry, but some people shouldn't bake) cake in the cakewalk!  He was so proud, I didn't tell him I threw most of it away...

They also got swords...which, honestly looked like something else to me entirely.....

My kids are messy.  If my house is clean, its because the kids are at school and I have been kicking my ass all day.  Seriously. 

Roary is sweet.  and lazy.

My brother invited Nathan up for a slumber party and then to help make hay (round bales).  Nathan was so excited!  He worked hard up there all day, and we brought up KFC for dinner, which was so good -- haven't had it in ages!  Anyways, 4 minutes into the car ride home and Mr. "I'm not tired!" was sound asleep.  The next morning he asked me, "Mommy, how did I get home?  And to my bed?"

Yoplait got rid of their 100% all natural yogurt, Simplait.  Screw them.  I am buying other stuff now, and LOVING IT.  First love, siggi's: 
Second love:  noosa.  I just adore this.  TART CHERRY IS DA BOMB.  I told Chris I seriously don't care how expensive it is. 

Daddy played soccer all summer...he was hardly around on Sunday nights...this was the first Sunday night we had him home...wonderful!!!

 Nathan's pumpkin went to town. 

So, I'm convinced, the Vitamix does everything!  including chopping up my zucchini for bread. 

Roary is sweet...did I mention that?

Cousin Anna came over for a sleepover!  I went to check on them later and Anna was laying on the floor...not sure why...she just was.  I put her back into bed. 
Nathan's summer program - a trip to McDonald's...what a fun summer he had!

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