Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Our first family vacation - Part 1

 a lot of changes lately.  Nathan started kindergarten.  my work schedule completely changed.  Summer is ending, fall is starting.

In addition to all that, we finally took our first family vacation.  I think that sounds weird to people, since Nathan is 5, almost 6.  Chris and I aren't travelers.  We don't enjoy spending money on things we don't truly enjoy, or that don't last.  We do lots with our kids, but we teach our kids you don't have to spend money or go to some exotic beach to enjoy life.  We got to our local beach.  We go to Grandpa's to bail hay and see cows and pick onions.  We go to the apple orchard in the fall, or the local zoos to see the wild animals.  We like sitting and watching the sunset at night while watching Ninjago before bed.  Simple.

So, for the first family vacation, I wanted it to be simple, and fun.  To the Dells we go! 

 the first stop?  Fleet Farm for some gas and popcorn.  Hey, its a vacation!

The next stop, DQ and another gas station for a potty break.  They had this chicken there. 
We didn't know it at the time, but someone backed into our car there, and put a nice big dent into our vehicle.  Daddy was really happy about that.
Then, right before we got to the hotel, we stopped to ride the mini-train.  We had to wait a little bit, about 45 minutes, but the kids really liked it.  It was quite warm out! 

Evan is always covering his ears....

Tickets please!

Whew.  Root beer tasted really good.

Bye cute little train!

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