Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Vacation Part II

We saved a lot of money by having our breakfasts in the room.  The fridge was so cold it froze almost everything, including the eggs and milk!

Duck boat!

Duck boat!

I looked at places for dinner online and this small little vegetarian café got great reviews.  So, we went and tried it, and it was FABULOUS!  I want to try making some of the recipes we had at home...I had a wonderful grilled Portobello sandwich, and Chris had some Thai noodle thing that was fabulous.  We also tried their Green Tea Sodas - they had a traditional soda shoppe in there as well.  so cute!

The boys did some of the hotel activities....here they were going on animal walks in the morning....

We let them get "rocks" from the store.  They loved picking them out and then looking at them later...

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