Saturday, October 26, 2013

i love orchards....and fall....

Even though school started in the fall, it was my favorite time of year. 
my kids enjoy it too. 

so many people get very cheerful in the spring, happy to see the snow melt away and the temperatures warm -- I always get kind of sad in the spring.  Lots of mud, dirty sidewalks, slop, slop, slop, rain, weather you can't really go out and play in...but not fall.  In the fall, there are all sorts of things to do. 

We haven't been to Minnesota Harvest in a few years, and before Nathan was born, we had gone and really enjoyed it.  So I guess it had been 6 years!

But, they got rid of their apple donuts, and only had apple mini donuts, and they weren't as good.  sad. 

My mom is always tucking the kids shirts in their pants.  And it makes me laugh because they look so silly. 

Nathan's getting more independent everyday...but he still asks me at night if I will "sleep with him for just a little bit..."

These pictures of Evan just make me laugh...


So, there were these goats.  And of course, my mom thought they "looked hungry".  So she went and found some apples...

And fed the goats.  typical Mom!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Nathan's First Day of Kindergarten (better late than never)

I have some more pictures, but I can't get them off my phone right now!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

What the heck happened to October of 2013? (or Vacation Part III)

I can't keep up.  I was looking at my blog today while I was at my mom's and it was sad.  I hadn't updated since September and never even finished talking about our vacation at the end of August.  Whew.  Time is going by faster than ever and I cannot seem to get a handle on it.
I am hoping that since the tax deadline, October 15, is over, things will calm down.  So far, its not. 
Nathan's birthday is in a week and I am still not caught up on his scrapbook.  My personal goal each year is to only be one year behind by a max.  I am only on Christmas for Nathan, so I have 10 months to do in 4 short days, two of which I have to work, and two of which Chris is out of town.  I also have doctor appointments this week and other things going on.  Thank goodness I have Halloween costumes figured out!  Argh.  Not to mention, I would LOVE to do some sewing.  Ain't gonna get to that though....
Anyways, to finish up the vacation, here are some more cute pics. 

Not looking too big in this picture....which was good!  :-)