Monday, November 11, 2013

The beating of the blog...

wow, the blog continues to taking a beating as I just cannot seem to find the time to waste spend writing it!  I do it mainly for myself, so I don't feel bad when I don't get to it, but it does seem like a sad little thing when I go and see there hasn't been a posting for weeks. 

One of the reasons for my lack of posting is that I just don't want to complain.  I am enjoying the flutters and kicks of this little guy but at the same time I just want pregnancy to be OVER.  When you have your first, time flies.  I remember falling asleep one night thinking about how I had 7 months to get ready and how that was so much time...and then I remember it just went by so fast!  With Evan I feel like it cruised by as well, but my first and part of my second tri were during busy season, and you really don't have much time to think about yourself.  With this one, I just want to meet him.  I am tired of the wait already and I want to hold him in my arms (not to mention, be done with the eating restrictions and the daily million other concerns). 

But, overall, this one is just like the others.  Oh, I have had some interesting experiences with this one, which, I won't elaborate on...who wants to hear about pregnancy rashes, hot flashes, and other goobly gook like that?  I'll save the details for my sister when she gets preggo.  Ha ha.  I am hoping by next fall she is already pregnant. 

There is one difference with this time though, I can't slow down.  I can't cave into myself and think about me all day.  Nathan has started kindergarten and with it he is very busy, and we are very busy.  The amount of homework he has is kind of crazy and the amount of effort they put on the parent is too.  Its amazing because I learned a lot of this stuff IN school, not at home, and now it seems like a lot of it is learned at home.  It makes me wonder...but either way, I can't slow down or we will get behind or I will miss something wonderful or annoying. 

Like, last Friday my mom came over and we made some Christmas cookies...Nathan is a good helper and he had the day off from school (AGAIN).  But that evening was insane, Chris went to go play with his friends (twice last weekend), and my mom was there but the boys were acting up, so I sent them to their rooms to "calm down" and poor Evan comes out crying because his arm is covered in poop and here Gigi had an accident in his room on his bed and Evan laid in it (Gigi suffers from colitis and occasionally has flare ups).  Then Evan had tried to "throw it away" so it was in his garbage, on the walls, on his was awful.  Evan went straight to the tub, the laundry straight to the wash, and 30 minutes of insanity was over.  a typical day in the life of any mom I suppose...kind of a funny story now....

But we keep busy here and I keep telling myself to do things I enjoy if I have the time.  One day I was craving Red Lobster so I invited my mom out to dinner. 

Nathan has been having friends over...

I am baking...

We started the boys on Christopher's and Matthew's old legos. They loved it.  However, I was very concerned about the amount of decapitated and severed lego people they had in the box...I took a picture of it.  Boys are weird. 

Chris got a late birthday present of some My Little Ponies.  Some of them were classic!  I spent some time fixing them up and making them pretty - they don't make them like this anymore. 

Had a bonfire at my moms during duck hunting weekend...we were waiting for the buyers to come for the hay...they didn't come until 9:45 at night for the last load so the kids got to bed LATE. 

The light in the background was the AWESOME moon that night just starting to rise...crazy...

I really wanted to take a class -- no one could do it with me.  But then my mom offered.  I couldn't believe it!  We had fun...our plates looked really neat when done....

Our quilting class started again and I am doing my first black and white quilt.  It had a red accent, but I didn't like it, so I went with purple.  SO MUCH BETTER!. 

Got my onions ready for winter...they turned out AWESOME this year. 

Received some special gifts from my friends...their old ice cream dishes...totally neat. 

My boys need to get outside everyday.  Even when it rains. 

Nathan learned how to make toast! 
Ritz Christmas cookies...

Bowl lickers....

Those sneaky animals were dressed up outside the house again!

Daddy went duck hunting.  He looks hot in this picture.  I just pretend the ducks he is holding are fake. 

Classic Christopher...see the beer?

My kids did some fun stuff again with their grandparents this fall...

So that's how it is right now, and we are coming up on the holidays, and I am going to be traveling for work for a few days, so it continues to be busy.  But, I think in a couple weeks, my projects will slow down a little and I may have some time to relax with a cup a Chai a little more and hopefully, as December rolls in, watch some big fat flakes fall quietly outside. 

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  1. Baby three! How did I miss that news? Congratulations :) when are you due?