Sunday, December 22, 2013

Let's get caught up! 47 quick pictures......

So, these pictures are going to be out of order, but its the quick 47 picture update since I have been behind for months!
One day I was out running errands around the time of the first snow, and my car started making horrible noises when I turned.  It was cold, so all of my tire sensors had been dinging at me for awhile (always do when it turns cold).  But, this sound was not normal, one of my tires looked "off".  I thought about going and switching my car and with Christopher's that day and letting him deal with it (this is clearly man's work), but then I was like, "no, I'll just go over here to the tire store and ask".  Well, here I had a 3 inch nail in my tire and air was leaking fast!   I got it fixed and was so proud of myself.   For some reason, they fixed it without charging me.  Chris asked me what I was wearing.  Nothing nice in particular, but the guy was very helpful to me!! 
I've parked here twice.  It makes me giggle. 

I have helped out at school now about 4 times.  This was Halloween. 

Roary guardin the candy on Halloween night. 

Fall was beautiful this year.

The first snow.  We celebrated by going to Dairy Queen.

I've made a lot of stollen.  Two double batches, so about 12 loaves thus far. 

We made the classic cookies one day with my mom at our house. 

Our neighbor stopped by to help and chat. 

Evan got a bad haircut from Grandma, and then we went to Potbelly's with Auntie one day.  I am not sure where Nathan was at....

The boys made me new turkeys for Thanksgiving - just what I wanted!

I spent two weeks frantically making baby blankets for a shower - twins so I had to whip out two!  They turned out great...who knows if I will get around to making my kid one.   :-) 

Made pumpkin from...pumpkins.  Profound, I know. 

Evan got a new hat.  He loves it.  He calls it is "cow" hat, because of the ears. 

The pumpkin pie. 

Annual visit to see Santa at the mall (always before Thanksgiving) along with hotdogs at Dairy Queen (our tradition). 

Stone Soup at school with Evan and my nephew. 

Turning into his father....(toes covered, playing video games)

Hot chocolate on a cold winter's night...

Helped brother clean his new house.  Found a TV on the side of the road...made him go get it...not bad!!!

Went to the Holidazzle with Grandma and Grandpa!

Husband made me cupcakes for my birthday. 

Kids had quite the food shop downstairs for a few days...lots of customers. 

Nathan finished Tae Kwon Do - a parent/child course. 

It snowed some more. 

Out of order!  Halloween night.  Two ninjas from Ninjago! 

I let my kids pick out what they want to be...something my mother rarely let me do. 

Second baby blanket!

Thanksgiving was at the inlaws this year.  It was nice.  However, you can nix the soup on Thanksgiving.  (Thanksgiving = turkey and the fixin's, and you don't mess with it). 

My birthday.  I turned 35.  Yikes!

It snowed again.  The kids and daddy made a fort. 

I love how I haven't had to be sad for no snow this year! 


The official Christmas break started Friday, we had Grandpa and Grandma over for a nice steak dinner that night, Chris and Grandpa went and tasted beers at a local store and had a great time, yesterday I had my class and then was able to hang out with a friend for dinner and take a trip to Nadia's!  I have three books I am reading (no work = relax by reading books), all the presents are wrapped and ready to go, and we are doing our "Christmas Eve" tomorrow night.  I have papers to grade but don't feel like touching those yet...right now Daddy and Nathan are ice fishing and Evan and I just finished making some cookies and getting the car washed.  Other than missing my waist (which I am really missing!!), things are going well.  I am excited for a fun-filled jam-packed relaxing week of Christmas! 

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Sometimes I miss the way things used to be...

which is bad, right?  Or is that good...I cannot decide.  Change is good, or is it bad?  Or is it neither and its just something that we are constantly experiencing.  I guess that's it.  It's neither. 

I am missing some stuff and some people bad right now.  I miss sewing at my MIL's and hanging out like we used to do.  I miss my brother who is in China right now instead of home.  I miss Nathan's baby smile and I think of when he got his first tooth, since he lost his first tooth yesterday.   I miss baby Evan and how sweet and snuggly he was.  I miss my sister, who is really busy now so we rarely hang out.  I miss a couple friends who are far away, or the few that are close and are too busy. 

Its quiet right now.  The house is cooling down to our normal 60 degrees, the baby is kicking me, and I am ready for the change he is about to bring.  I am tired of waiting, but not tired enough that I want it any earlier, but I think by the third time around you lose the excitement of each week and its just a waiting game until the end.  The anxiety of the change is still there...thoughts pop into my head every now and then and I wonder what will I do if this happens?  or this?  And then I calm myself down by telling myself we will just deal with it like you learn to deal with anything. 

Nathan turned 6 this fall.  It is crazy.  I look at his baby pictures and think, that can't be 6 years ago, can it?

We took him to play video games.  Both boys loved it. 

There was this one game where we got to shoot spiders.  Man that was fun. 

He also had some friends over....they did cupcakes, crafts, and a treasure hunt.  Nathan had a really nice time.

Yes, this was at the end of October.  I am behind, but I was so productive today, that maybe that's a sign and I will be ahead soon.  ha!