Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Sometimes I miss the way things used to be...

which is bad, right?  Or is that good...I cannot decide.  Change is good, or is it bad?  Or is it neither and its just something that we are constantly experiencing.  I guess that's it.  It's neither. 

I am missing some stuff and some people bad right now.  I miss sewing at my MIL's and hanging out like we used to do.  I miss my brother who is in China right now instead of home.  I miss Nathan's baby smile and I think of when he got his first tooth, since he lost his first tooth yesterday.   I miss baby Evan and how sweet and snuggly he was.  I miss my sister, who is really busy now so we rarely hang out.  I miss a couple friends who are far away, or the few that are close and are too busy. 

Its quiet right now.  The house is cooling down to our normal 60 degrees, the baby is kicking me, and I am ready for the change he is about to bring.  I am tired of waiting, but not tired enough that I want it any earlier, but I think by the third time around you lose the excitement of each week and its just a waiting game until the end.  The anxiety of the change is still there...thoughts pop into my head every now and then and I wonder what will I do if this happens?  or this?  And then I calm myself down by telling myself we will just deal with it like you learn to deal with anything. 

Nathan turned 6 this fall.  It is crazy.  I look at his baby pictures and think, that can't be 6 years ago, can it?

We took him to play video games.  Both boys loved it. 

There was this one game where we got to shoot spiders.  Man that was fun. 

He also had some friends over....they did cupcakes, crafts, and a treasure hunt.  Nathan had a really nice time.

Yes, this was at the end of October.  I am behind, but I was so productive today, that maybe that's a sign and I will be ahead soon.  ha!

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