Sunday, January 27, 2013

Why do you like winter?

I often get asked, "why do you like winter?"
And I answer, "I just do.  I love winter."

And the next question is usually, "do you ski or snowboard?"
And I say, "no, but I have skiied - I stink at it, but its fun, just too pricey."

And then they say, "oh, so do you skate?"
And I say, "no, not much, but I love skating...."

And then sometimes there are a few other questions, but then they go, "So why do you like winter?  what do you do that makes it fun?"

I tell them I just do.  I love sledding.  I love flakes.  Big, fat fluffy ones.  All seasons have their place...and winter certainly is one to enjoy and delight in! 

But here are some reasons I love winter...

Ice fishing...

Spend a day on a lake in a nice pop-up house, catch a fish, maybe not, doesn't matter...relax and have fun!  (and scream big time when you catch a big crappie or sunnie LOL)

Taking my kids sledding!  Evan is sliding down a hill he couldn't walk up and just started laughing....

Bundling up and going together...screaming all the way down and laughing so hard your teeth are frozen at the bottom...

Rosy cheeks!  need I say more??? (it was zero when we went out this day..cold isn't going to stop us!)

Who needs sleds when you can roll down a hill and get dizzy?  (I used to do this all the time when I was little too!)

Spending times with friends...

One of the absolute best things about cold nights is lots of layers and covers in a comfy bed...

And snuggling up close while doing everyday normal things...

Making cookies takes on a different aspect in the winter...not sure why, but its got to do with something warm and delicious coming out of the oven on chilly, bitter day...

Even my cat gets into it, as he watches the flakes like they are little bugs and he needs to "get them"...

One of the things about winter is that it reminds adults to let go...

let's be kids again!  (okay, with beer)....

Even tasks that used to seem annoying or boring are fun when it snows...

Bundling up your kids takes a lot of work, but when you see them like this, don't you just want to hug them and laugh?? 

I love winter.  I just do. 

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


I picked Nathan up early on Friday...we went and ran some errands, and then we stopped at the library.  It had been awhile seen we've been there.  We saw a few of Nathan's former classmates was a Mom and her three kids who had stopped going to daycare (I think she decided to stay home).  Anyways, we had a good time and then ran to Target, all the while talking about whether or not there would be enough snow when we got home to build a snowman.
It was so wet and heavy from all the rain I had a hard time lifting anything over like the size of a basketball we just slowly built it up instead.  Nathan really liked putting the carrot in his nose! 

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Prayer Shawl #3...

I did purple this time...and fringe!  It took a long long time to finish..started this in September...

Monday, January 14, 2013

Cookies and puzzles

 Today I watched a video from a motivation speaker on happiness.  She was really good.  She said that happiness is work.  It's something that happens to you, or that you luck out with, or that depends on your situation.  Its something you choose and work at.

She said everyday she gets up and hugs her kids and says, "good morning!" super loud and happily, even if she's not feeling it.  She said kids don't remember yesterday or think about tomorrow like adults do...they just live in the present and can "reset" very quickly.  Its so true!  Both boys before these pictures were fighting and upset with one another.  But they quickly made up while we made cookies. 

i need to be more like that. 

Evan being silly....going "nom nom nom"....

Nathan and I worked on this puzzle for a couple weeks.  he was really proud when it was done!

Evan is a pop and juice hound.  We limit it, he mostly gets milk and water...but boy, when he gets pop does he suck it down!

Life's little moments...right?  I took this picture and then right after Chris goes, "where was my hand?  does that look bad?"  LOL so I'm posting it on my blog because its silly and makes me giggle.  

Tuesday, January 8, 2013


so, I have been listening to the weather about the "winter thaw" coming and here it is. 

but, it seems to me that that is all that happens this year, a tiny bit of snow, and then it melts and/or rains.

This week will mark the third time that has happened this year. 

Nathan, Evan and I went sledding on Saturday to a new hill - it was so fun! I forgot my camera but our friend took pictures which I will share when she sends them.

But, now I am bummed.  as usual lately, the haters have won and the snow is melting.  much too early to get into the soil. 

sometimes I wonder a lot about why when you pray hard for something, it doesn't happen.  I know there "is a reason"...but doesn't it tick you off that there "is a reason" and it just doesn't make any damn sense to you? 

at least I know I should be honest with God, so I tell Him that.  I am like, You know what, I get you get to control everything, and I get you let things happen for a reason, but this just plain sucks in my opinion and it pisses me off You didn't do anything about it!!!! 

When I get like that with God, I have his image in my mind of Him smiling at me.  Which sometimes makes me laugh and sometimes kind of ticks me off more.  Its the kind of laugh a parent gives a child when the child really wants something that's not good for them and its just funny.  Argh.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Waste not...want not...

sometimes I struggle with what to keep and what to throw/give away.

however, I think that clearly this sock needs to go:

 Currently I am planning on giving away my first, and very old, flute.  It was used when my mom purchased it for me, and, not having much money at all when we were growing up, it wasn't in very good shape.  I looked into having it repaired and it would cost more than it's worth.  But, part of me is very sentimental about it and kind of doesn't want to let it go.  poor old flute. 

I have a ton of things I could do on my list today.  But, not feeling any of them.  But, discipline requires that I not waste the day the Lord has given me, and get busy.  Later.  

Christmas Pics...Part II

Our Christmas' were very weird this side of the family decided to travel far away, so we didn't celebrate until New Years didn't feel like New Year's Eve at all let me tell you....

I kept getting pictures of the boys where one looked silly and one looked sweet...I eventually gave up. 

Gus the dog!

Evan really was excited when he got an apple. 

He started eating it right away...

Nathan opening his car carrying case...I researched what is best since the ones you find at Target and Toys R Us are crap (Nathan had one already, and it was almost impossible to close it...awful design!) - I guess car toy collectors use these to keep them in....

Evan got a big heavy duty Tonka truck!  these are the best....

Playing Hungry Hungry Hippos - but with farm animals...

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Some Christmas pictures...Part I

I know everyone puts out Christmas pictures this time of year and the few blog readers I have are probably tired of it, but hey, why fight it?  Here are some of my own:
Christmas at my parents house - my brother Kevin below lookin' good!

Chris' feet.  He was using random things all night for a footrest. 

So, halfway through the evening, the kids started screaming.  We ran over to see what they were screaming about, and here Nathan had spotted a red light moving in the sky -- he was convinced it was Rudolph pulling Santa's sleigh and then Anna and Tabitha agreed!  We all laughed so hard because they were very serious about this...

So, my mom got a cat scratching post for her cat Gidget.  Karen asked the kids to demonstrated it...none of the girls word, but Nathan got right down there and was showing everyone how the cat would use it!

Holy cow was it funny!

Nathan and Cory. 

A few days ago Nathan opened his legos he got.  He was very frustrated at first with it, but after I showed him how the directions went step-by-step, he really enjoyed it and did it by himself.  After he was done he said, "that was really fun!" 

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Another example of why things are the way they are....

So, I bought a new sports bra the other day -- and as I was putting it on and taking the tag off, I read this:



fixed it!

muhahahha.  I fixed those dang pictures to the right.  stupid blogger. 

new years thoughts....

2013 isn't really that exciting to me. 

grouting really wrecks your fingernails.  i did so well in November and December and now they are gone.

Elliptical machines really do work you out, but I don't really like working out, no matter what it is.  i think its just me.  but I did run a mile two days ago on an incline of 4.  who would've thought?

did you know a porterhouse and tbone are the same cuts?  found this out last night.  why do they taste different then?  I realize there are different amount of tenderloins but still, you think they would taste the same.

Kohl's shouldn't be open on Holidays if they aren't going to have enough people working to keep lines down to 10 people...Evan and I walked in, and walked out.

It's hard to find kid's swimwear in January.

Swimming starts next week.  Should be interesting.   Nathan is on his own with the teacher. 

I haven't watched one football game this year.  none.  just haven't had the heart for it.  I am tired of the things I believe in losing.  I think that is seriously it....not that the Packers did poorly this year at all, but its almost like I just cannot take the stress of it anymore.

January means paperwork.  Filing.  A lot of it.  2:14 already and nothing done today.