Sunday, May 26, 2013

A little spring at my house...

Very excited this spring to see my tree bloom...planted this last year because I have always wanted one.  Even though its small, I look out my window in the morning and smile. 

I decided to move my rose plants this year.  One, because I cut them too far down in the fall in an experiment and two, I didn't really like where they were in the first place with where the kids play.  They would often run through that area and around them and I was always worried they would fall into them and get all cut up. 

Above are the new plants, where the old lilac bushes used to be that never grew well there.  I also had a sedum here, which I moved.  I decided to risk it and bought the Double Pink Knock Out rose for the center (which I read online may not due well if winter is especially frigid), and the ones on the outside are a new variety of rose this year called Celebration I believe.  I had peachy roses before and I loved those, and I love pink, so I figured this was a good compromise. 


Going to town.  Its actually too cold for these roses to bloom, but since they had all these buds when I purchased them, they popped out the past week or so.  I know its not going to bloom until we get some hotter weather soon.  Although, this weather has been very good for initial plantings. 

The above picture is upside down, but here is where the rose bushes used to be.  I planted two sedums (perfect for falling into), and one Potentilla for my mom.  Its a pink one though!

Also, another loss this year was my Shasta Daisies.  They lasted 5 seasons, which, after reading about, is about as long as they last even with dividing.  I was a tad annoyed by this because we had our landscaper plan everything and he never told us that some of the plants had a 5 year life span.  Most of them should last 15 or 20  years.  Anyways, I decided to do lilies in place of the daisies, since they are so prolific and come in all sorts of colors now.  I bought two new varieties, so we'll see how they and peach I believe. 

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Pillows with first attempt...

My mom asked me a few weeks ago if I could make her some throw pillow covers out of some old pillows she had.  She wanted them to be a chocolate brown.  The pillows themselves were a tad misshaped, but I figured I could make something nice. 
At first I was just going to make a regular pillow case and not do an envelope or anything.  But, then my mom (who, likes things clean!) said, "how will I wash them?"  So, I decided to do envelope pillows.  I am not experienced much with zippers and my mom didn't want anything fancy.
But, then I was looking at patterns I noticed that pillows with piping look so much more complete - almost store bought.  So, I taught myself how to make piping and here's how things came out:

The one on the left is the first one.  The pillow kind of has "dog ears", not too bad, but I wondered why it turned out like that when I did a perfect square, and rounded the corners.  It turns out you need to round the corners a lot more when doing a "square" pillow due to the way the pillow will puff up.  Makes sense if you think about it.  So, on the second one, I did that and it turned out better.

The one on the right though looks a little smaller because of this, even though the dimensions were exactly the same. 

Here are the backs.  The first one barely covered with a 2" overlap, which was recommended.  So, on the second one, I did a much larger overlap, but then its loose at the top because I didn't meet the seams in the middle, where the fat of the pillow is.  All things to take into consideration next time.  Either way, I think my mom will love them. 

Tuesday, May 7, 2013


So, I was working on making some more yarn-wrapped hangers (since those are fabulous. I mean, I get so sick and tired of either picking up stuff that falls off plastic hangers, or buttoning up things that husband/kids hang up, etc..., whoops!  I digressed..) and then one day when I was cutting off the selvages of some fabric I had, I thought "Hey!  these would be great to wrap around hangers!" 
Probably not a novel idea, but I thought of it on my own, and they are turning out so cute.  :)
I organized a bunch of selvages my MIL had saved into color groups, and then made some hangers. 

The not-so-pretty one, the red/pink/green mix, was my first attempt to see how it went.  After that, the other ones have looked so nice.  What a wonderful way to not only make a better hanger, but do it with a scrap of fabric that you ALWAYS cut off and never use.  awesome!  no more wasted fabric for me. 

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Nathan's first Wild hockey game!

While I didn't take many pics, the pics I do have speak to it.  We had a wonderful time!  Nathan was spoiled rotten...just like I always dreamed his first game would be.  :-)

Friday, May 3, 2013

Sashing stars placemats...

At our February class we decided to try this Marti & Me tool for making sashing stars.  Me and the ladies got together and were going to make placemats.

I have to say, at first I thought it would be fun, but the tool and instructions were kind of annoying. 

I got tired of doing the quilting (which was so minimal!) and the binding, because you use this wrap around method where you cut your backing bigger and then fold over the binding, which I didn't enjoy.

But now that they are finished and are out at my house (and I never need to touch them again), I'm diggin' them.

I re-purposed some felt and put them in the middle for batting.  I don't plan on ever washing these in the machine, so its not a problem.