Sunday, January 26, 2014

33 Weeks!

One of the things about me is I really don't talk about my pregnancies.  The biggest reason always has been is that my pregnancies were always very difficult times for me, and I didn't want to document that if things turned out well, which they did -- I just wanted to focus on the end result - a beautiful, healthy child. 

I was going to take a bunch of belly pictures when I was pregnant with Evan -- but there were so many things that came up during the pregnancy that honestly I spent most of every extra moment I had either praying or googling information on certain things. 

I just didn't think of taking pictures this time around -- too busy.  But for those of you that have asked, here are some (ha ha):

Almost two months pregnant

Three Months Pregnant (and still running 5K's!)

Four Months Pregnant (no more running, yuck)

Between 5 and 6 months pregnant (yoga pants are my new best friend)

Six - Seven Months Pregnant - Flushed!

Okay, here are some real recent pictures -- 33 weeks in these (in the 8th month)

So, my biggest pet peeve about people's comments about my pregnancy is that I "never look big" or "very uncomfortable".  Things people say to me all the time, and so far, in every pregnancy have been: 

"Oh, you can't be due in a month, you are so tiny..."  My initial thought to this is usually "f-you". 
"Are your babies really small when born?"  Ummm no, they haven't been btw.  Perfect size. 
"Oh, you finally look pregnant!"  Said about week 34 usually.   Again, f-you. 
"You are so lucky pregnancy is so easy for you"  How do they know its been easy?  Seriously? 
"You really should eat more..."  This one has always especially annoyed me. 

One of the reasons I think I don't look big is how I stand and also that I have a longer torso.   Every appointment so far I have measured right on track - in addition, for the first time, the baby measured right on track for the ultrasound at 20 weeks.  With both Nathan and Evan I was always tracking a week or so ahead until about week 30, and then I would be behind in measurements. 

Another major reason is how women dress.  They wear these super tight pregnancy tops that enhance your already very large bosom and then also accent their bellies.  And they wonder why they look so huge.  When I was pregnant in the summer I wore tank tops and stuff, some were tight and I looked big, but some weren't and then I would look small.  I think how you dress really changes how big you look. 

In this picture, I almost don't look pregnant. 

But not in profile....

It also has to do with how you stand.  I look very big in this pic....

But not so much in this one.  BTW, I was trying to do the America's Next Top Model thing, you know, where you elongate your neck like Tyra always says to do?  It did make me look skinnier! 

I started laughing at myself doing these...silly! 

Overall, this pregnancy has followed almost the same path of my others.  I have sickness the first trimester and very tired.  The second trimester was thankfully uneventful other than I have to make sure I eat very well and I got my first ever pregnancy rash.  That was not fun and lasted a month (glad it went away! extremely itchy).  I also get very flushed with this pregnancy -- the doctor did bloodwork to make sure it wasn't a virus and was just hormones -- turns out just hormones (I am immune to the virus having it before when younger). 

I did get that bad flu over Christmas, and Chris is right, since then, my back has been bad.  I am pretty sure its out of alignment, but I went to the chiro once and found it not helpful because I couldn't relax (too worried, is this good for the baby?)  Also, I had problems with my right foot for weeks because of a bad blister and could barely walk.  I am up all night because this baby is sitting on my bladder and is facing out - he is the kickiest of all my pregnancies.  I am also more congested than I ever was with my other pregnancies....apparently this is normal, and its been so dry out my doctor says its probably just a bad combo. 

I have barely purchased anything for this pregnancy, which makes me  happy.  I miss my pants and my old clothes, but I can wear them soon and give all this maternity stuff away! 

I have gained 21 pounds or 25 pounds so far depending on what day I count my beginning weight on...ha!  Pretty good and normal for me.  I had one month where I just gained a ton, but the rate has slowed now. 

I crave things I cannot do right now and things I cannot eat or drink...otherwise, I don't crave anything.  I want sushi, wine, beer, queso -- I want to run run...I want to run until I feel like puking (this is the first time I have ever missed exercise) -- I want to do push ups and sit ups and sweat from something other than just being pregnant. 

What I crave most though, is to hold this baby in my arms with my three other boys sitting around me smiling....

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