Sunday, January 19, 2014

Evan: The Soon To Be "Middle Child"

Evan has been growing up fast around us. 

I have never had a problem with "terrible twos" with either of my boys, three has always been more difficult.  Evan is just about 3.5 right now and this is the difficult period we had with Nathan (3.5 - 4).  We shall see how it goes. 

He got a very short haircut a few weeks ago.   I wasn't sure at first, but now we love it.  It just fits him so well. 

Being a younger brother, he really looks up to and copies his older brother and cousins.  He picks up good, and often bad, habits from others very quickly.  This is hard for us sometimes because he is in preschool and lately has been coming home with naughty habits which we correct. 

He is not as sensitive as Nathan.  He can watch scary shows with Daddy and not be bothered.  He is more like his Dad that way, Nathan is more like me. 

He loves tootsie rolls, chocolate, and cookies.  He eats SLOW unless its dessert.  I believe he thinks that one of these nights we will give up and not make him eat all his dinner before dessert.  Little does he know it is a losing battle for him...we never had this problem with Nathan! (or at least not for such a long period....)

(So, Chris just walked in here and had me try the most famous IPA in the US that my dad brought home for him from California...ummm, I don't really get why it's that good but he is happy and drinking a beer so YAE!  Pending layoffs still loom but he is finally getting out of his funk...)

Evan's current favorite TV show is Paw Patrol.  It is quite the bargaining chip for us as parents.  There are many tears when he loses that privilege. 

Since his brother plays video games, Evan does.  We never had Nathan playing at Evan's age, but he does well at MarioKart and enjoys just driving around.  Sometimes I think he knows what he is doing and other times he just crashes all over.  Either way, he is learning to be such as good sport because he never wins, and often endures his brother's taunting without care. 

Evan's current chores are picking up toys and taking out the garbages.  He is doing well at the garbage, but gets upset when he has to pick up toys. 

His Grandma made him a pair of pj's that he calls his "fuzzies".  He still sings Christmas songs - he loves Deck the Halls and Rudolph.  He thinks one of the characters in "Paw Patrol" is just like "Rudolph". 

He likes stories but letters do not interest him.  We have been working at home on the letters in his name, squares, circles, lines, and things like "x's".  His "E"'s sometimes have 5 or 6 horizontal lines, which makes me smile.  I know he will get it soon.  too soon. 

He likes "helping" me lately, and asks for "jobs".  We have been teaching Nathan some new things, so Evan wants to learn "new things".  Its hard though because Evan can't do what Nathan can do.  But, I have been finding things for him here and there. 

He is starting to enjoy coloring - finally!  late just like his brother.

He is still a wiggle worm at church.   He used to be my docile, quiet little baby.  I don't know what happened -- well, I think it might be the desire to keep up with his brother, but who knows. 

Some days he asks me "when is the baby coming, Mommy?" and other days he says, "I don't want that baby to come.  He is going to cry and make noise".  I tell him, "you make just as much noise!" but he does not agree. 

He had no problem, not even one tear, with giving up his room for the baby.  The change did not bother him at all -- I am seeing that he is more flexible with things like that.  He likes sleeping with Nathan, although, Evan is often the one bugging Nathan in the bed which creates squabbles.  But if Nathan isn't there he is all upset and concerned. 

Lately he has been curling up to me more, snuggling.  I don't mind that one bit, except he is a wiggle worm and my belly is currently ginormous (to me).

Overall, I am very proud of my little Evan, growing up so fast! 


  1. Love how he writes his E's!! I remember thinking, "Why only 3? Why not add a few more lines?!"

    1. That is too funny...I wonder if he thinks the same thing?