Saturday, January 4, 2014


Today I am in a funk. 

The night of my last post Roary passed away.  Tomorrow it will have already been two weeks without him.  I miss his fluffy tail and his companionship.  I suffer mostly alone though, because its the quiet times that bother me most....because, those were the times Roary and I spent together.  Like right now, while blogging, Roary would usually be here with me. 

Gigi cries and meows every night still, almost the entire night through.  It is starting to drive me nuts, but I think she is lonely.  I am not ready for another cat, so I guess that's just how its going to be.  I have thought that maybe a kitten after the baby arrives would be fun. 

I haven't gone ice fishing this year, I decided it wouldn't be fun like it usually is - most nothing is right now (totally in a funk).  It hurts to try to bend at the waist, so I figure why bother.  I am excited for the next two months to be over.  Pregnancy isn't at all exciting when its your third, in fact, its rather boring.  You know what's coming, it doesn't matter how big the baby is compared to a fruit or vegetable, and people don't remember you are pregnant anyways.   All that leaves you with is the feeling that you want to hold your baby now and pray that he's healthy. 

In fact, I had the oddest experience the other night - I met up with two old friends, one of whom I haven't seen in two years because he moved to Switzerland.  We were at a Mexican Restaurant and they were both drinking very large margaritas, but the one I hadn't seen in two years didn't even mention or ask about me, my family, or my pregnancy.   Definitely by your third, even at 30 weeks, people don't care anymore.  Very odd.

Nathan came down with a cold/flu right after Christmas, and I followed shortly thereafter.  I have never had anything like that before while pregnant (although with Evan I had a horrible cough for weeks around week 32) -- I even called the doctor (never happens) to ask when/if I should take myself to the ER and to confirm what I could take.  Fortunately, a few hours after that my fever broke and I started to improve.  That was the first time in my life I actually laid in my bed for 5 hours because I was sick -- I was pretty concerned about the baby but I guess fevers don't harm the baby in the second and third trimester, only in the first.

On Christmas Day, I started moving Evan out of his room and into Nathan's.  They will be sharing.  I am not sure why this is such a big deal to so many people, but its the #1 thing people ask:  Do you have three bedrooms?  As if that is a requirement before you can have that many kids or something.   People are spoiled.  Sometimes this gets to me though, I do admit.  I feel bad a little because this kid is getting nothing new, nothing exciting.  I am not going to buy new clothes when I know that even though they are very cute, they will soon be covered in spit-up.  He doesn't need toys or books or any baby stuff like that.  Hmmph, I guess he needs diapers though.  And formula.  Maybe I should buy some of that soon. 

The one thing that I have decided though is that I have to be super-organized.  There is no other way I can possibly manage four boys otherwise.  I have labeled things in Nathan and Evan's room, thrown stuff out (secretly), am giving stuff away, came up with a new way to hang clothes in the closet, and gotten everything to fit.  None of this is appreciated, however.  In fact, I don't think anyone even notices anything I do around here.  They know I know where things are though..."mom, where is that?  Renee, where is that?"  On the day I was really sick, Chris came home from work and goes, "what happened?  everything is a mess."  And I am like, "this is what happens when Mom does NOTHING all day.  duh." 

You know what I think the best gift would be?  If people just did stuff without being told.  If this would happen at work and at home, life would be grand. 

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