Monday, January 20, 2014


Over the Christmas break I had, I was going to read books, do lots of things with the kids, check up on my blog, and snuggle with Roar.  I was really looking forward to a relaxing two weeks!  However, life had different plans for me. 
After my last post in December where I thought I was going to "catch up", a few hours later, Roary had a pulmonary embolism, or so they think, and passed away.  It happened so fast, Chris had come upstairs around 8:30 to tell me something was wrong with Roar.  At first we thought he was reacting to his medicine, like he had one time before.  I put him in his basket and carried him up to my room.  I spent the next hour sitting next to him and petting him, and when he didn't improve (or move), I started to know something was really wrong.
I laid by him on the floor on a bed out of towels I had made for him for the next hour or so.  I went downstairs and started freaking out to Chris and he came up and that's when Roary stretched out and smiled and we thought he was coming out of it.  He wasn't.  I think that was when Roary said good-bye.  He had closed his eyes and had a smile on his face and Chris was trying to get him to move/respond and Roary wasn't.  He was still breathing and his heart was going but his breathing was labored.  I knew it was bad when Chris said, "this is not good, Renee."
I am happy I spent those last hours petting and being with just him.  By the time my Dad and Mom showed up (I had called my Dad and he said he would come right away once Chris said that), Roary was gone.  I told him I loved him one last time and then he was gone a few minutes later.  I was comforted by the fact that I couldn't have done anything.  Had I taken him to the ER, Dad said I would have spent a couple thousand and most likely it would have done nothing. 
I cried.  A lot.  I barely got to say good-bye to him.  We tried waking Nathan up so he could say good-bye, but we couldn't get him to wake up.  We tried to show Gigi but she was too scared.   Roary was my first kitten.  MY first cat.  No one elses, but mine (well, and Chris', but not in the same way). 
I know it sounds silly, but Roary was always those two weeks off were worse than I thought.  Roary followed me everywhere, in the bathroom, in the closet, into the kitchen...he was nosy, but not bothersome.  He would curl up with me whenever I was sad, worried, or tired.  I had a hard time napping, and still do, when the house is quiet no one comes and tries to get under the covers with me. 
He liked bags, strings, mice -- he was a Maine Coon, and loved to play and be by people.  If I turned on the fireplace at night, Roary would be the first one over there.  If the kids were loud, Roary would leave, but not for long - or he would just find a perch where he could sit and watch and be out of the way.  If I was working on something, Roary would come sit on it.  I would push him away and he would just find another spot.  He was sometimes relentless - relentless to just be by me somehow or many people treat you like that?
Roary and Nathan had started to curl up together at night.  Roar would sit on his bed and Nathan wouldn't wiggle.  Roar was teaching Nathan to be still, something I couldn't seem to do. 
Roary liked everyone, but he also liked to attack (in the playful way cat owners understand) when he got annoyed.  He loved attacking my brother Kevin, I don't know why, but Kevin would come in the door and start to go after Roary and Roary would swat at him.   He didn't take any of Kevin's crap.  Makes me smile now.
Roary was abandoned when he was three or four weeks old.  The owner dropped the kittens off at my Dad's clinic.  They weren't weaned.  The kitties had to be bottle fed every few hours.
I was working and couldn't do that, so my mom took Roary in October and fed them and I would go visit almost everyday. 

By Thanksgiving, he was ready to come home (birthdays shortly after Thanksgiving - the other kitty is Roar's brother, Rowd.)


 So, Chris wasn't that happy (at first) that we had gotten a cat a few months after marriage.  But Roar loved Chris right away as you can see. Roary said, "it doesn't matter if people like you, so long as you like yourself."

Roary grew up fast...and was always an active kitten who turned into a very active cat. 

I don't know how he got on top of that kitchen cupboard....
 Roary often slept on this chair like this while Chris played video games....

Roary was my first "baby".  I used to take him everywhere.  He always went over to my moms whenever I was over there.  He really REALLY liked going in her spice cabinet. 
Roary loved going outside.  He would cry and cry and want to go out so bad.  I eventually got him a harness and would often walk him around the yard and the house.  He loved it 
He is almost full grown here, but he hadn't "filled out" yet....I really miss his fluffy tail. 


He liked Gigi, once he showed her who was boss.  Once Gigi came around, I stopped taking Roary everywhere.  Plus, I became pregnant, so I was suddenly a little less focused on him and Gigi being my babies and started focusing on my own babies.  But, they didn't mind, they had each other. 
I always got my kitties the best of everything I could afford.  We always bought the good, healthy food from the vet, healthy treats, and plenty of places to play.  Roary loved his kitty tower. 
When the kids came, Roary was fine.  He would often sit by me while I was holding one of them and if the baby started to cry Roary would cock an ear back like he was annoyed. 

He helped me haul in groceries a lot. 

 He was a true Packers fan....and he made himself comfortable on the heat vents quite often....(why is it so cold in here?  Oh, Roary has been sitting on the vent again....)

 Hanging out with me doing chores....

 Two years ago, I had a rough time for a couple of months...I got pretty sick, and then had lingering effects from that for months.  Roary always knew.  He would curl up next to me on my worst days, and on my best days, he was just always there. 

Illegally sitting on top of the couch!  I never cared...Chris always made him get off...


This was one of the last pictures of Roary.  He was watching the snowflakes fall out my bedroom window - one of the first snowfalls. 
Forever missed.  Forever loved. 


  1. Kevin reminded me he used to call t hem "Bash brothers!" ha ha!