Tuesday, January 28, 2014

We had the post holiday blues....

Roary passed away the Sunday before Christmas -- we had Christmas at our house, and a small gathering and also church on Christmas Eve.  That wasn't enough fun for the week though, that Wednesday, Christmas Day, Nathan came down with a bad fever/cough/runny nose - i.e., probably the flu.  His fevers are fast and high, so we played in his bed for awhile while I was worried about him.  You know its bad when your kid asks to go to bed at 5:30 pm and puts himself there.  Look at his rosy cheeks!  He started to improve a few hours after this....
I told Nathan not to give whatever he had to me, but he did.  About halfway through the next day, my head and heart started pounding and I started feeling really "off".   By that evening, I had a small fever.  That Friday was really bad, I seriously laid in bed all day while Chris went to work and I stayed home with Nathan (Evan went to preschool).  I told Nathan he could eat, drink, do whatever he wanted all day.  He was really good.  Thank goodness Chris came home early though.  I called the doctor  because I got worried about the baby, but I was doing everything right...my fever finally broke late that night. 
Gigi has taken over a bunch of Roar's spots.  She never slept on the bed before....

Part of my plan over break was to move Evan officially into Nathan's room.  With Roary and being sick, things got delayed, but I managed it around New Years.  This was their first night together.  Nathan was totally out after his head hit the pillow but Evan was still awake. 

As I posted before, Evan got a haircut.  LOVE. 

We did two puzzles over the next couple weeks, and are working on one now.  It's very relaxing for all of us....especially when worried about layoffs!

Gigi has also been curling up next to me.  also very different. 

I don't care much for jello.  We ate it a lot growing up.  But I had ripe bananas and leftover poms from Christmas, so I whipped this out for the kids and I was like, WHOA, cool super simple July 4th Jello!  Screw making layers or anything fancy...too bad you cannot find Poms in the summer...but I think I could use strawberries or something....

One night I went to check on Nathan after he went to bed and found this.  Chris and I aren't sure why, as the lights were all off in the room.  Maybe he was just going for a cool look. 

Gigi also has been getting high on catnip.  I don't mind, makes her feel better, but she contorts her body like this and looks weird!  silly cat. 

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