Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Sliding into March....

Boo! I cannot believe it's February 26th and no baby.  Part of me really believed it would go like last time with Evan - earlier and unexpected.  But no, I am 38+weeks and this kid is not ready yet. 

As another mother at work said, "shouldn't each pregnancy get shorter just to be fair?"  Truly.  I mean, the novelty wears off by your third pregnancy for sure.   I haven't cared at all if my baby was the size of an avocado or a watermelon...I mean, I worry enough it could be the size of the watermelon the longer it stays in there, so I just don't want to think about that.   Plus, you are experienced enough and no longer naïve to understand and know how it goes, along with the 50+ million things that could happen.  I mean, either way, another child is going to change your life dramatically, but how so?  Lately I flitter between moments of pure excitement that it will be soon and pure terror of all the things that could go wrong.

Plus, Evan has had a stomach bug (no puking, the other end) since Sunday afternoon...and even though we kept him home Monday and he was fine, of course we send him to school Tuesday and he is not.  I start to panic last night thinking of all the things it could be since it isn't gone yet (clearly I am hormonal or something) and then Nathan gets it, which is a relief since I know its viral. Then I am like, Oh crap, I cannot get this at 38+ weeks pregnant.  I have been washing my hands so much they are RAW. 

We have done some fun things during February...I have been craving sushi for 9+ months now I swear and so we finally caved and made our own.  It was SO GOOD. 

all rolled up!  No crab in our California rolls since Chris is allergic...

So pretty!

I picked out tile to compliment the free tile my parents gave me left over from their looks so nice!  Now it just has to get installed...hmmm.....

On other notes, it has been cold and snowy.  Its February, so whatever.  But, the jury is no longer out on which is worse, being 9 months pregnant in summer or winter...I wasn't sure which would win, but summer is definitely easier!  slip on shoes, sandals versus boots and socks, layers of clothing versus cute tank tops that stretch, and no worrying about slipping on the ice or sitting in traffic for hours each day...granted, you are always hot in the summer, but I could sit on the air conditioning and feel better.  I am never that cold this winter, which is sad for Chris since he is and I cannot snuggle without dripping sweat. 
We drove past this one morning...this road is like 30 mph so we had no idea how you could do that without going too fast and/or not paying attention.  I hope the person was okay. 

I have started working with Evan on letters and numbers.  He is a little immature for it yet I think, but this is him writing his name...

The QuikTrip by us just opened, so we have been enjoying the free stuff there for a month. 

Nathan had his 100th day of kindergarten and I was there to help out.  Probably the last time I will help out this year....

I found this in my cupboard.  To anyone else, its disgusting, but to me, its Roary.  He used to sneak into that cupboard and lay there. 

We took my nephews and our boys to a movie.  The Lego Movie.  EVERYTHING IS AWESOME!

Unexpectedly, I got together with the ladies for some sewing.  That hasn't happened for almost a year.  Or actually, not sewing...basket making!

Easter Eggs out!

Baskets done!  two more to go....

It snowed again.  A lot. 

The kids could barely walk. 

And last but not least, this was taken yesterday for my neighbor's mom...this is actually the only time I have ever had my picture taken this late in pregnancy.  I wore a tight low cut shirt since I will never have a belly this ginormous ever again nor will I have the boobs.  Just saying. 


  1. You look great! And so does your sushi. Yum! Hope that baby comes for you soon!

    1. Thanks - I don't feel great! I can't wait for real SUSHI!