Thursday, March 27, 2014

Evan's Olympic Day

The night I went into labor, we had Evan's Olympic Ceremony at his school.  The kids learned all about the Olympics and had all sorts of "events".  They wanted the parents to try everything and I was grumpy and didn't do anything but sit and stand around (no wonder, I was feeling yucky.)
Anyways, Evan was quite cute, but boy, was he exhausted by the time we got home...

Here he is with his medal.  I asked Evan yesterday what country he lived in, and he said, 'umm...Russia!"  I was like, UMMM, NO.  But, I know he learned all about Russia during this project which is why he thought that.  Nathan couldn't remember either, so I am going to do some more Geography with both boys in the next few weeks....

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