Thursday, March 13, 2014

Jeffrey is finally here!

The Story: 
Last Friday, March 7th, I had my weekly checkup.  I had made no progress, I had no contractions, and I left the doctor's office and went home and cried. 
I felt like I was going to have to be induced, and the doctor said she wouldn't do it until March 17th because I was doing so well.  This was all so very frustrating and different for me this time around -- with my first I had so much monitoring it was insane, with Evan I had about half as much and then I eventually refused the ultrasounds and he came early so I didn't have all the BPP's/NST's near the end.   With this one, nothing was done, so I was shocked to find out she would let me go a week over my due date - plus she kept telling me the baby was a peanut, and I told her I thought it was already 8 pounds at least.  I had dreams he was coming out huge.
After the tears, I got mad and decided to get things for the next week of waiting.   I went to the library and got three books, then I went fabric shopping for an hour, then I went to the carwash, and then the grocery store.  I was totally exhausted when I got home, but after putting away groceries we had to go back to Preschool for a family fun night.  I did NOT have fun.  That took a good hour and a half before we got back home -- I was still crabby and feeling majorly yucky so we got McDonald's and I was excited for their fish sammies so I ate two. 
A few hours later, around 1am, I woke up with cramps.  Nothing unusual.  At 2am, I woke up with cramps.  Interesting, I thought.  At 3am, I woke up feeling crappy again.  At 4am, I woke up and was like, hmmm, I should time these.  10 minutes apart.  Here we go!
Over the next few hours I cleaned up the family room, quietly packed some things, and went and slept with the boys for a bit.  I was anxious knowing what I had to go through.  I told myself I wouldn't wake the kids or Chris up until 6 -- my labor never goes that fast.  I tried to pray but my mind would wander.  
At 6 am I wake Chris up to him saying, "i knew it!"  which he clearly did NOT.  I wake the kids up and get them packed up for Grandmas, extra clothes, pj's, and animals.  I finish packing myself and things are starting to hurt so I have to go slow, about 3 minutes apart.   We get in the car to go to Grandma's.  Once we get there the kids are so excited I have to yell at them to come and give me a hug good-bye.  I call the hospital to let them know I am coming. 
We get there and I am at a 3, so I made progress from my doctor's appointment yesterday.  An hour later, I only made slight progress, and the pain is getting very bad.  I know they will want to send me home if I don't go faster or have my water break, but my contractions are always short and close together, so I do not get a rest.   Another hour or so and the pain is so bad I start to cry, which never happened with the last two.  I just start sobbing and Chris tells me its okay but its not okay because it just hurts and no one can help me and I know it.  I have to do this.  Its been three hours since I have been there and I am only at a 4.  I told the nurse, "If you send me home, I don't think I can walk out of here on my own".  She agrees and gets ready to give me an IV.  I wasn't going to try to attempt no pain meds this time as I did with my previous two (they don't hand out medals either way!). 
This epidural was so different than my other pregnancies, I could still feel pressure and some pain on my right side.  I felt like this was a good thing, as usually it numbs me entirely which freaks me out.  After that I rest for a bit.  A few hours later I am feeling lots of pressure so I think its time but I am at a 9.  My labor slows and I am still stuck at a 9 an hour after that -- they decide I need Pitocin just to get over that last hurdle.  I want to be done so I agree. 
It didn't take much, 15 minutes after the Pitocin I am pushing.  This is the first time I can feel it!  I pushed with one contraction, and followed the doctor's instructions to slow down and let things stretch. The next contraction I pushed and out came a head, then a hand (nuchal hand!) and the final push for the shoulders felt great - what a relief! 
He came out screaming - music to a Mother's ears!  I think because I could feel things, I didn't push as hard as the last two (even though they came out fast too) and I didn't tear half as happy about that since that is extremely painful for weeks after birth.  
The pictures!:
See the weight?  I knew he was 8 pounds!  He was just a beautiful baby.  Not all my babies have been beauties (poor Evan, he came out too early!)....


Very happy.
Evan meeting Jeffrey for the first time....he isn't too sure...

Boys and my mom. 

First family picture of all FIVE of us.  It was funny because Daddy almost forgot to pick up the baby, he goes, "oh yeah, and one more!"

Nathan holding the baby for the first time...


I looked at this board a lot while I labored..."have a healthy baby boy" was what I focused on. 


He had lots of neighbor came -- so pretty!

Grandpa and Grandma....

His Godmother came for some snuggles: 

I enjoyed the quiet of the night, even though I was in a hospital room with nurses, noises, and uncomfortable bed (and horrible food!).  But, I woke up to this -- I think he was trying to put his whole hand in his mouth.

Hanging out, waiting to be discharged (took 6 hours because computers at hospital crashed). 

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