Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Can I just not work anymore?

This is the question I asked my husband a few minutes ago.

He said "no".

I know why he said no.  He didn't say it because he wouldn't let me if I really wanted to stay home and not work anymore.  He said "no" because he knows my only hesitation is fear.

As I may have mentioned on this blog before, I have periodically struggled in my life with anxiety.   Some people may know and understand that the one thing that feeds anxiety, keeps it going and makes it grow, is fear.  So, anytime I recognize that "fear" is holding me back, I know I have to keep going and trying new things to show myself that I CAN.

I will feel better after I go back to work next week.

But, right now I want to be a hermit, crawl into bed with Jeffrey and hide from the world.  Leave us alone! (cue:  Let them be little song)....WAH!!!

Let's talk about something else.  Like Jeffrey's baptism two weeks ago...boy was it a nice night!!!


My sister was cute and took a picture of the cups for the kids....

This picture below makes me cry because it reminds me of a similar picture of Evan...

Welcome to the BIG family, Jeffrey!  Blessings!!

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