Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Easter (boy am I behind!)

Easter week the weather was snowed a few days before Easter, but by Easter Sunday, it was gorgeous and all gone...Thus, the pictures look a little weird...but really, it was warm out with snow on the ground at times that week.  I guess it was was chilly and cold on Good Friday when I went to stations, and by Sunday, you could feel the "Alleluias" in the air and the warmth from the sun.  

I bundled up Jeffrey when we went out though because he just hates being cold.  This kid screams bloody murder even when I put WARM lotion on him...

My mom stopped by one day and was snuggling with Jeffrey for a bit.

Waiting for Nathan to come out at school that week....
 Crushing the last of the snow....

Watching a movie -- 80's classic:  Short Circuit

Easter egg dyeing....

Smiles on Good Friday!

Hunting eggs!  (only pictures of Evan because Nathan was running around like crazy....)

Evan was smart.  He stayed back, all the bigger boys ran off.  Evan got all the eggs next to the house and got the MOST of anyone.  He is like that...often figuring things out before others and wondering, "why are they all out there?"

I saw these in a Target ad and thought they were so cute:  (I didn't make these, MIL did!)

Smiles for future Uncle Cory!

On the way home from Grandmas we saw Turkeys...which is great because they coyotes sometimes get them all....

Easter was a very busy and very happy time.   Throughout parts of my pregnancy, I felt really far away from God this time around.  Usually I am praying constantly for things to go well.  I guess I was bitter for awhile, just about how things were NOT going exactly according to my plans and to my desired timing.  In truth, at times when I thought I should pray a voice inside of me would say, "why bother?"...And then one day I just fell on my knees and felt sorrow for how awful I had been feeling towards God when He had blessed me so much, and I just longed once again to be close to the Lord.  Things have been better since then, I feel the Spirit at random times now again -- I know He was always there, but I must have been closing my heart to Him.

And how wonderful his grace is, because I feel as if God understood how I was feeling all along and He never gave up on me.   I will keep trying to do better.  :-)

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