Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Busy with one....ha!

After we had Nathan, we thought our lives had been turned upside-down, which it had, but boy, we thought we were busy.  ha!  We had friends that had two or three kids and they would kindly say, "We thought we were busy back then too...what did we do with all our free time?"  I wondered if I would feel the same way someday.  I do.  I definitely do.  

What did I do when I had just one?  If my thoughts aren't on one kid, they are on another.  And if they aren't on the kids, they are on the husband, the job, the house, the car that's falling apart, my sister, my dad, my friends, etc...

When I am jogging, I think of all the things I am going to do when I am done jogging.  And then my legs feel like putty afterwards so I have to do none of those things and just sit with the kids for awhile.  And that's okay.  I sometimes have to remind myself, sitting is okay.  :-) 

These pictures are old and out of order, but they are Jeffrey's two month pics that were on the other camera.  I couldn't decide which one I liked best because they are all the many faces of Jeffrey....

Jeffrey is a talker.  My  mom had a 20 minute conversation with him on Sunday.  She says he coos like an owl, but even sometimes his coos are so long he sounds like a little wolf howling!  and then we laugh, and then he laughs...he has that laugh you hear on the baby commercials...I think he is my only kid to actually do that laugh constantly.  

Here he is talking to me again....

He gets very serious though when I hold up the camera...

Ha ha.  My mommy is funny (looking!)...

He is busy growing.  At his two month checkup he was 12.5 pounds and 23+ inches long.  A woman at work told me her kid didn't hit 15 pounds until a year...how does that happen?  My kids weigh on my arms after only a few months...Evan was the lightest.  Jeffrey is going to be more like Nathan that way I think.

Well, its officially WEDDING WEEK for my sister!  I am off to do a few things for her and her finance.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

One of the best days....

I am thinking about the past three months and how they have flown by.  With my first maternity leave, I thought the first few weeks would never end...but since Jeffrey was such a good baby (and he's my third), I had this nice long to-do list which almost got entirely completed!  I am trying not to focus on the few things that did NOT get done, but here they are, and I am going to keep trying to get them done now that I am back to work.  Maybe this will give me the motivation?

1.  Organize and edit videos (had to rely partially on husband for this, thus why not completed)
2.  Make three blue Christmas trees (not even started)
3. Scan all remaining pictures (almost there!!!)
4.  Make a crochet hook case (tired of my hooks everywhere, found a pattern, now just need to work it)
5.  Scrapbooking (nothing got done here...yikes...now I have three to keep up with? Maybe I will finish them by the time they are 30...ha)
6.  Make a quilt label for a finished quilt (doing on Thursday evening)
7.  Clean-up scraps (only just started this, rats...)
8.  Finish Heart Potholders (I have about six left, considering I have made around 20, I am okay with this as they are all Christmas gifts except one...)
9.  Piece purple quilt (over halfway done!  proud of how much I accomplished on this..I am thinking of putting it on our bed so I may make it bigger...)

So I wrote this entire post, and it deleted all the rest of it.  So, now I am totally annoyed and doubt I will write out everything I wrote last time.  Technology...ugh!!!

The past few weeks were wonderful.  Here is a picture of Evan pushing Jeffrey to go pick up Nathan at school.  

Relaxing on deck...

Field trip!

We decided to stay around home Memorial Day weekend and not do much with anyone else.  IT WAS WONDERFUL.  We need to do more of that.  Chris and I worked hard all day around the yard and house, and in the evening we did some fireworks and had a bonfire.  It was a lovely night.

The next day, Sunday, I was excited to take the family to see Minnehaha Falls, since I heard it was roaring with all the rain...

Dad and Nathan and Evan

I love waterfalls!  One of the most beautiful things in nature...

After the falls, which the boys enjoyed, I had a surprise for them.  We drove to Chutes and Ladders....here they are on the ropes -- I had to hold myself back from running up there and helping Evan.  He was fine, only Mommy was scared!

There were some misting areas to keep you cool, and Evan was too scared to go in it at first.  Then he tried it once and laughed.  Then he tried it twice and got crazy.  Then he saw the other boys had their shirts off, so he wanted his off...then he was drenched.  happy and drenched.  Oh little boy....

Daddy did this the entire time.  We were in the sun, but Daddy is a whimp in the sun (turns into a lobster!), so he and Jeffrey sat in the shade.

I tried out a slide and failed (got stuck!)...

After they ran around for an hour, we had a picnic by the lake.  It was wonderful -- cool breeze from the lake and no bugs...

My new thing:  eat powdered sugar donuts at the park.  They were so good and I don't need to worry about the mess!

ha ha ha....love it!

When we got home, we all wanted to take naps (except Jeffrey!, he was wide awake so he played on the floor)...but Nathan got up about 30 minutes after he laid down since he "wasn't tired anymore".  Well, a few minutes later he was back asleep on the floor, so we covered him up and left him.  He slept for another hour and a half...not tired...ha!!