Sunday, July 6, 2014

July Goal: Catch up on blogging!

so many goals, so little time!!   The good thing is that if you are constantly having things you can achieve and do, you are always pushing yourself, always growing, always moving.  Don't let it bother you if you don't get there, but just keep trying...reminds me of Nemo...." Just keep swimming just keep swimming..."

We are going to catch up on the blogging this month!!!  woot woot!  And on Evan's scrapbook...why?   Because even though I am busy...I do NOT have a wedding and do NOT have a reunion anymore...I shall get some free days...yes.  I just need to make sure I don't fill up my schedule with work.

Anyways, as we are catching we go:

Hanging with Auntie.  

Gigi hurt her paw.  Getting better.  Pulled a tendon or something Dr. said.
 Nathan - soccer!! Daddy coaching.  He scored a goal this game...he is a good defender.  offense?  well....
 Jeffrey was bored watching.  better get used to it.

Evan smiling at Jeffrey.
 One day we went outside so I could tan while it was hot.  J didn't last long.  Got pissed!
 First solids -- just some formula and rice.  He thought it was okay.
 Garage sale finds!

 Pissed that I tried to feed him some cereal.
 Loves AUNTIE!
 Cute butt!
 Karen's shower!!!  We painted pottery, drank wine, and relaxed for a few hours...
 Finished but unglazed....
 So, our OLD daycare gave this back to me in late May...I was like, had this up for over a YEAR after I left?  sad...

Nathan lost a top front tooth now!!!  Big gap.  Hope it doesn't take months and months to come in but I heard it could...
 First time being keeper...
 Found a turtle.  Held a turtle.

 Finished the wedding present!
 Baby butt.  Cute.
 Friends over...playing swords in the yard.  #boys
 Glazed pottery!  I had to haul all this to my house and then to other places to get it delivered...didn't break a thing -- thank goodness....

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