Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Kindergarten no more!

Nathan had his Kindergarten year-end program the day before the last day of school...first week of June.  

I was so emotional about it...

But here is one of my favorite pictures from the day...Grandma and Jeffrey talking and smiling at each other...

Here come the Kindergartners!  I cannot believe my sweet boy is going into First Grade...*sigh*

Here he is!  I barely got the camera out in time!!

The next day I stopped over for a kindergarten picnic...which wasn't much and Nathan just wanted to be with his friends so not sure why I went...ha!

But that's it.  I held it together during the ceremony, but cried a little when I got home.  Nathan's teacher also had him down for Perfect Attendance!  The stupid school office had him incorrectly marked down one day for "early release" so he didn't get a certificate (because I picked him up through the office one day instead of him walking), and the teacher agreed it was wrong -- but it wasn't worth fighting with the front office.  It showed it on his report card so that was neat.

On to the next big thing!  I feel old, happy, sad, and wonderful and miserable all at the same time when I think about his last day of Kindergarten -- joys of motherhood.

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