Thursday, July 17, 2014

Wedding Day!

June 14, 2014 -  Karen is getting MARRIED!!!! YAE!!!

I didn't take many pictures...was too busy! I know I wasn't the bride, but we had three little boys to get ready, myself, hubby, and let me tell you, I packed for virtually any situation with them.  Plus all the socializing and everything you are obligated to do and before I knew it...the day was over!  
These pictures got out of whatever.  Here I am making my very short speech.  I was NERVOUS.  I couldn't eat much because I was so dang nervous. 

Nathan being silly at his table. 

West side (I don't actually get this, but was told to do it and that it "looked cool"..)


Fortunately, the bridal suite at the church was a daycare/preschool room, so the kids were totally occupied by TOYS.  
Here we are pre-marriage!

Happy Wedding is over!  Partying on the FARM. 


I think.

Kevin is hilarious.  He knows how to have fun.

Throwing the bouquet!

Friends kissing!  super cute. 

My BFF and sister!!  Two of my favorite people in the world! 

Like I said, packed for virtually every situation....

Lovin' on my two older boys....

I put this one on the fridge right away: 

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