Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Happy Birthday Evan!!! Fabulous Four!


Evan is silly and sweet.

Loud and chatty, but shy sometimes.  

Goofy and loves to make noises (much to our annoyance!)

He is hungry all the time but never wants to eat all his dinner.

He frequently has to go potty when he gets to the part of dinner he doesn't like.

LOVES:  Root beer, doughnuts, singing songs (Frozen!), video games, and  Mystro

Plays by himself extremely well when his big brother isn't around

Wants to do everything Nathan does, still fake cries a lot

Moved him into a booster seat in the car

Can write the letters in his name, but that's about it.  Doesn't care much for counting (can get up to 20 with help) or letters, but likes to be read stories a lot.  Will ask a lot of questions if his brother isn't around. 

He begged us to take him to Chuck E. Cheese for his birthday. He went through a naughty streak at school, so he had to earn FIVE stars (good days) to go.  He earned SEVEN stars, so we went.

Chris and I were surprised -- the pizza was good! It tasted like school lunch pizza.  

Here is the only good picture I got of the night...boy did he have fun!   

We had his cousins and grandparents over for dinner (his choice, spaghetti), cake, and some presents.  We celebrated his birthday with my side when we went over to my parents for my Dad's birthday.

He got some great things!

Evan is 41 inches tall (77th percentile) and 35 pounds (63rd percentile).  Here I always thought he was short and skinny (last year he didn't measure growth at all from 2 years old to 3 years old, so I was worried for a bit, but then he grew!).  I guess though he isn't as small as I thought -- compared to Nathan though, he seems like that.

Evan, oh how you try Mommy's patience, but at the same time, you teach Mommy patience.  Thank you for Evan!

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