Sunday, August 17, 2014

July 8, 2014 - Four months old....

June was swamped.  July was busy.  So far, and I am not sure why, August isn't looking much better.  Maybe we will get a nap in today?  (or maybe, the last trip to the beach...)

Here is J at four months old:  

He is very tall....26.5 inches - 98th percentile for height

And very happy.

Started veggies before he turned four months, he eats pretty much everything now mushed up except the meat stuff.  I usually never have fed that to my kids.  He is not too sure of the Num nums...Chris and I think maybe they taste gross because the new kitty eats EVERYTHING that falls on the floor, but not those...hmmm..

I thought he was a little chunk, but doctor said no, just very tall and solid.  17.5 pounds  - 75% weight

Laughs ALL.THE.TIME. but won't get giggly for me when I hold the camera.  I clearly think he could be the next Gerber baby -- he has the adorable perfect baby face and is always happy to be around people.

He likes his walker and bouncer, but pretty much just goes in reverse in the walker.

Here he is, sleeping at the beach while his brothers play in the water.  You got to be flexible and just go with it with two older brothers...

so sweet....

Here is in his bouncer first time!

About a month ago, he decided  his thumb was more soothie for him....

Entertaining our guests....

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