Friday, August 22, 2014


Here he is in all his glory!  100% Maine Coon.

Evan and Mystro huggin'


yeah. this is my vet people....'do as I say, not as I do...'

Mystro thinks all the baby toys?  well, he thinks they are there for him...

As well as this very comfy changing table...

"MMmmmm!  what is this?  sausage?"

I am in the spice cabinet!

Can you see me?

He loves the kids.  They pick him up, and chase him, and they flip him over and he still loves them.  This is very much what I wanted.

kitten with a bootie!

Umm...if you jump in the fridge, I will shut the drawer....

Help I am stuck!!!  Over and over and over again...."meow!!!!"

Yup...he eats cheese balls from Sams.

Stuck again!   help mom!  help!!!  (no, I shall leave you there, and take pictures...muahahahahah!)

This picture below makes me sad -- this is what my Roar did  for years...always looking out that window while I sew...

cat lovers!

blurry but what a cute butt!

too sweet!!!

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