Thursday, September 11, 2014

need Norwex?

So, let me first start by saying I have heard about Norwex for years, but have never tried it.  Why bother when you already have and use high-end cleaning products?

But, my neighbor started selling it and raved, and even my sister said it seemed like the cloths worked awesome, so I went to a party, and I bought some stuff there, and some stuff from my neighbor.

I am very skeptical about these products these people sell at parties where they try to get you to become a consultant, but hey, while I really wish somebody would throw a Tupperware Party (seriously, why does no one do these?  Tupperware containers rock and I could use some more...), anyways, I digress.  So, I normally hate these parties, and when I went it was pretty hilarious because the girl started to talk about how Amway is their biggest competitor, and my mom, who has sold Amway products since the 70's, through the ups and downs, was sitting in the corner.

Lots of people have a lot to say about Amway (pretty much all negative), but most of them, just like me with Norwex, really can't say anything about it because they have never tried the products.  Why?  Probably because they are expensive (yup, they are) and because Amway got stupid in the 90's (they really did, and I miss a lot of their products they have gotten rid of).  But their basic products haven't changed much and have always been environmentally friendly, and most people just have no clue, which isn't surprising because unless it's viral on FB or twitter, this younger generation doesn't seem to care about it.

So, I went to this party and I bought some stuff there, and a bunch of stuff from my neighbor.  And I was excited!  When my stuff came in the mail, I was like, "awesome!" and I decided to start using my products right away.

Let me first talk about the windows.  So, I had some pretty dirty windows downstairs.   And I was going to test my "old way" with the "new way" from Norwex.  And let me say, I clean a lot more than most people, so my "dirty" is often much cleaner than other peoples "dirty", and I think that may be a BIG factor with the Norwex lovers.

So, I take some water and my Norwex window cloth, and I take my flour sack towel (that is what you use for streak free windows), with water and my LOC window cleaner (used to be called See Spray, not sure why the dorks at Amway changed the name, I still call it See Spray).

I did one window with Norwex and water.  It got a lot of the dirt off, but took a lot of elbow grease.  It was almost like the cloth clung to the window, which I assume is the tiny microfibers latching on or something.

Then I took my flour sack towel and water and did the other window.  Much easier to move around, and it got the same amount of dirt off.  Now, granted I assume that the "bacteria" may not have been removed this way, but who cares about bacteria on your windows?

I went inside and I compared.  Both got the major dirt off, both just a rag and water, Norwex took longer, and BOTH could not get off any of the hard water droplet spots.

I went back out and tried again because no way that this Norwex wasn't going to work for me.  Do you know how expensive these rags are?  They had better work.  But, limited to the cloth and water, it just would NOT COME OFF.  Yeah, it can't get those spots off.  I was sad.  (Mystro thought this process was quite fun, he was on the inside chasing the rags as I cleaned the windows like a NUT!)

I went out and sprayed on the See Spray and it immediately removed the spots and I wiped it with the flour sack towel (since you can't use any products with Norwex, just water).  Sad.

Since then, I tried another couple of windows.  The Norwex does fine so  long as its just a handprint or something, but for tough spots, it can't handle it.  It seems to polish the fridge and the dishwasher okay (the stainless steel), but not the oven.  I think the oven may be a different type of stainless.

The only thing I have found where the Norwex window cloth does amazing is cleaning the control areas of my oven, microwave, and dishwasher.  This is the only thing I have ever used where you can do one swipe with the rag and there are no streaks.  So, it gets an A+ there..., as well as on the TV glass....

It also cannot get off any hard water stains off the stainless steel sink.  It polishes it but leaves the water marks.   One swipe with a dab of my metal cleaner, spots gone.  (Norwex does have some sort of scrub, but it has a very strong scent, and it seemed weird to me buy a product like from a company that markets only using water...).

So, that is my experience with the window cloth.  I have since been trying out their envirocloth and their body cloth, which I will share with later.  It is kind of fun to try all these new products even if they don't work as magically as Norwex says....

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