Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Six Months!

Yesterday was Jeffrey's six month birthday -- hard to believe.  What a sweet, good little baby he has been!  Of course, he has some bad days, but don't we all?  And sometimes I can't blame him, somedays I am tired too and want to sleep and be fed and just held...

So, I think he is going to definitely be our thumb sucker.

I got home late last night from work, and so all I got to take of J was pictures of him sleeping before his nighttime bottle and after...he was quite happy after, playing in his bed...

He likes to gnaw on everything lately...his poor Tiger gets chewed on a lot...

He thinks I am really funny (the only person in the world!  love it...)

I don't have any of his stats, but eh, who cares.  I will get them when I go to the doctor and maybe I will remember to post them, maybe not.  

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