Sunday, October 19, 2014

An old post started like over a month ago (might as well post this...)!

So I am continuing to use my Norwex products around the house.  I just got the travel envirocloths for the cars -- I think they will work well there when you have to wipe stuff off a seat and then maybe off a kids face (which happens way more often than I would like to boys get dirty!). That is the one nice thing about these cloths -- they pull off the crap and won't put it back on anywhere else it wipes.

I love the little glass/eyeglass cleaning cloths they have now for your bags/purse, or anywhere.  They are so cute and I find I am always in need of cleaning my glasses...even now as I sit here and type I can tell I should clean my glasses...good thing I have my cloth sitting on my desk!

I was very excited to try out the veggie scrubber cloth -- it does a good job of cleaning the carrots and potatoes, but I guess I don't know why else I was so excited about it because I still have to peel everything unless I make a baked potato. So, part of me feels like I am doing an extra step.  I am thinking I can maybe use it on other things but for right now its in the drawer mostly for the root veggies...

by the way, I did freezer carrots today and I didn't even do all of my carrots!  I had a five gallon pail FULL of carrots..some of which were over two INCHES in diameter.  Sheesh.  We ate some of them for dinner and they are so carrot-y.  Yes, I know that is NOT a word, but how else do you describe a carrot that tastes really, like a  lot of, carrot?  Carrot-y.

Anyways, I have found additional things that I like to use the Norwex on -- my cutting boards -- I wash, dry, and then wipe with Norwex.  Psychologically that makes me feel better, especially after cutting meat.  I also wash and dry the kitchen table, and use the envirocloth.  It does about the same job on those surfaces as any other towel or dishrag would.

So far no difference in the brushed nickel in my pretty bathroom, but Norwex does do the best job so far of anything on the shiny chrome soap dishes.  It still can't get any hard water stains out, but if there aren't any stains (because I have been keeping up on my cleaning!), it will then get them spotless.

Suddenly I realized how exhausted I am.  Sheesh.

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