Thursday, March 27, 2014

Brothers!!!! and other musings....

I told Evan to support Jeffrey's head in this picture: 

Loving my boys...I will try to do another picture tonight...this is when Jeffrey wasn't even one week old yet. 

Even though I am home, things are really busy.  Jeffrey's schedule is very "normal" for a baby, so he is eating every few hours.  All my kids have eaten differently -- Nathan was a biter, so for awhile we struggled getting him to learn how to suck.  Once he got the hang of it though, Nathan would suck down his milk like there was no tomorrow.  Evan?  Well, Evan didn't care much to eat.  He could take it or leave it.  I remember him taking 30 minutes to finish two ounces, and I worried he wasn't getting enough and would track it day by day.  Jeffrey swallows air when he eats.  A lot of it.  I don't think its reflux because he isn't spitting up tons and most of his burps are dry, and he is overall a very happy baby if he is being held.  But dang, I have to burp him three or four times per bottle...and he just lets them rip.  I have tried different nipples and bottles so I just think its him.  He is keeping me on my toes, that is for sure. 

Every morning Jeffrey and I have to still take Nathan to school, so we get out of the house at least once a day...but its been too cold to go for walks, which would be good.  Nathan had spring break last week, so that was unusual, but its back to normal this week. 

Jeffrey and I "play" in the mornings for an hour or so before he gets tired...he likes getting his hair in this picture, I brushed it up....
He is starting to look around a lot more and catch his eye on certain things.  Its interesting the things babies will fixate on, like, when I open the shades that is just fascinating...staring at the light.  Or the red Christmas sock, all babies have loved looking at that red sock. 
We had our two week check-up last week and he was over  his birth weight, which is always the goal, so he is doing well.  We are blessed all his tests came back normal too.  I am excited to have my body get back to normal -- just in general.  I have been sleeping so much better and I am seriously wondering how I went through the past three or four months without sleeping much.  Now I can go 5 or 6 hours without waking which is just crazy...and I only go to the bathroom when I get up to do the midnight feeding!  :-)  My back and neck is still working its way back into shape, but I realized last night I am slouching all the time.  So, I definitely need to work on my posture. 
Chris is taking a class this week and next and has a four hour test tonight, so I am on my own again.  I was on my own for three nights now, and its a lot of work feeding the kids, myself, baby, and getting them all to bed. 
I find myself being stricter with the older two since Jeffrey's arrival.  I am trying to make sure I spend time with all of them so Jeffrey joins us for the bedtime story if he isn't crying and if he is he goes to Daddy or gets put down for a bit.  Chris and I decided the third baby naturally just gets held less.  Don't worry, we snuggle lots during the day.  The other night I fell asleep on the couch and the house was so peaceful and quiet and I was so relaxed but I had to get up and feed the baby and then I was WIDE AWAKE.  I know its worth it, but man, the quiet times are wonderful.
Well, since Chris is doing his test tonight, I have to pick up Evan, Nathan, and then Jeffrey, who is spending a few hours with Grandma today.  I admit, I haven't done much while he has been gone...which is okay I decided.  Its rainy and cloudy out....

Evan's Olympic Day

The night I went into labor, we had Evan's Olympic Ceremony at his school.  The kids learned all about the Olympics and had all sorts of "events".  They wanted the parents to try everything and I was grumpy and didn't do anything but sit and stand around (no wonder, I was feeling yucky.)
Anyways, Evan was quite cute, but boy, was he exhausted by the time we got home...

Here he is with his medal.  I asked Evan yesterday what country he lived in, and he said, 'umm...Russia!"  I was like, UMMM, NO.  But, I know he learned all about Russia during this project which is why he thought that.  Nathan couldn't remember either, so I am going to do some more Geography with both boys in the next few weeks....

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Jeffrey is finally here!

The Story: 
Last Friday, March 7th, I had my weekly checkup.  I had made no progress, I had no contractions, and I left the doctor's office and went home and cried. 
I felt like I was going to have to be induced, and the doctor said she wouldn't do it until March 17th because I was doing so well.  This was all so very frustrating and different for me this time around -- with my first I had so much monitoring it was insane, with Evan I had about half as much and then I eventually refused the ultrasounds and he came early so I didn't have all the BPP's/NST's near the end.   With this one, nothing was done, so I was shocked to find out she would let me go a week over my due date - plus she kept telling me the baby was a peanut, and I told her I thought it was already 8 pounds at least.  I had dreams he was coming out huge.
After the tears, I got mad and decided to get things for the next week of waiting.   I went to the library and got three books, then I went fabric shopping for an hour, then I went to the carwash, and then the grocery store.  I was totally exhausted when I got home, but after putting away groceries we had to go back to Preschool for a family fun night.  I did NOT have fun.  That took a good hour and a half before we got back home -- I was still crabby and feeling majorly yucky so we got McDonald's and I was excited for their fish sammies so I ate two. 
A few hours later, around 1am, I woke up with cramps.  Nothing unusual.  At 2am, I woke up with cramps.  Interesting, I thought.  At 3am, I woke up feeling crappy again.  At 4am, I woke up and was like, hmmm, I should time these.  10 minutes apart.  Here we go!
Over the next few hours I cleaned up the family room, quietly packed some things, and went and slept with the boys for a bit.  I was anxious knowing what I had to go through.  I told myself I wouldn't wake the kids or Chris up until 6 -- my labor never goes that fast.  I tried to pray but my mind would wander.  
At 6 am I wake Chris up to him saying, "i knew it!"  which he clearly did NOT.  I wake the kids up and get them packed up for Grandmas, extra clothes, pj's, and animals.  I finish packing myself and things are starting to hurt so I have to go slow, about 3 minutes apart.   We get in the car to go to Grandma's.  Once we get there the kids are so excited I have to yell at them to come and give me a hug good-bye.  I call the hospital to let them know I am coming. 
We get there and I am at a 3, so I made progress from my doctor's appointment yesterday.  An hour later, I only made slight progress, and the pain is getting very bad.  I know they will want to send me home if I don't go faster or have my water break, but my contractions are always short and close together, so I do not get a rest.   Another hour or so and the pain is so bad I start to cry, which never happened with the last two.  I just start sobbing and Chris tells me its okay but its not okay because it just hurts and no one can help me and I know it.  I have to do this.  Its been three hours since I have been there and I am only at a 4.  I told the nurse, "If you send me home, I don't think I can walk out of here on my own".  She agrees and gets ready to give me an IV.  I wasn't going to try to attempt no pain meds this time as I did with my previous two (they don't hand out medals either way!). 
This epidural was so different than my other pregnancies, I could still feel pressure and some pain on my right side.  I felt like this was a good thing, as usually it numbs me entirely which freaks me out.  After that I rest for a bit.  A few hours later I am feeling lots of pressure so I think its time but I am at a 9.  My labor slows and I am still stuck at a 9 an hour after that -- they decide I need Pitocin just to get over that last hurdle.  I want to be done so I agree. 
It didn't take much, 15 minutes after the Pitocin I am pushing.  This is the first time I can feel it!  I pushed with one contraction, and followed the doctor's instructions to slow down and let things stretch. The next contraction I pushed and out came a head, then a hand (nuchal hand!) and the final push for the shoulders felt great - what a relief! 
He came out screaming - music to a Mother's ears!  I think because I could feel things, I didn't push as hard as the last two (even though they came out fast too) and I didn't tear half as happy about that since that is extremely painful for weeks after birth.  
The pictures!:
See the weight?  I knew he was 8 pounds!  He was just a beautiful baby.  Not all my babies have been beauties (poor Evan, he came out too early!)....


Very happy.
Evan meeting Jeffrey for the first time....he isn't too sure...

Boys and my mom. 

First family picture of all FIVE of us.  It was funny because Daddy almost forgot to pick up the baby, he goes, "oh yeah, and one more!"

Nathan holding the baby for the first time...


I looked at this board a lot while I labored..."have a healthy baby boy" was what I focused on. 


He had lots of neighbor came -- so pretty!

Grandpa and Grandma....

His Godmother came for some snuggles: 

I enjoyed the quiet of the night, even though I was in a hospital room with nurses, noises, and uncomfortable bed (and horrible food!).  But, I woke up to this -- I think he was trying to put his whole hand in his mouth.

Hanging out, waiting to be discharged (took 6 hours because computers at hospital crashed). 

Monday, March 3, 2014

Top 10 reasons I am so over being pregnant...

This is my third pregnancy.  You forget the last few weeks from previous pregnancies.  It's like a mechanism or function God put into our brains so that we have more children -- he wipes out how awful you feel (the same goes with labor pain).  Can that just kick in right now?  Where I can forget what I am currently feeling?

Anyways, here I go. 

1.  Coworker's comments.  I cannot take them anymore, so I am not going back to work for the last week.  Nor can I take the stress they are under which I cannot seem to handle anymore. 

I had to shake a woman's hand the other day as we were introduced.  She said to me, "oh my, your hands are so moist!" and she laughed and asked if I used lotion.  I was so pissed I said, "Oh no.  I just walked up the stairs and that's just sweat."   She didn't know what to say back...but seriously, who says something like that to a pregnant woman? 

She then had the gall to make fun of another pregnant woman who is due in 6 days...she stayed home that day because she wasn't feeling well.  The coworker rolled her eyes and was like, "yeah right..." Ummm, I don't know this woman, but have you ever been 39+ weeks pregnant?  You may NOT FEEL WELL even though you have nothing technically wrong with you. 

As I said to my doctor this morning, "gosh I feel like crap."  And she goes, "yup.  normal." 

2.  Bathroom breaks and water.  Tired of them.  Tired of drinking tons of water, tired of having to go to the bathroom, tired of the 2 or 3 nightly trips, tired of baby kicking the pee practically out of me, only having to rush to the bathroom to release approximately three drops.  Also tired of trying to pee in that little cup for the doctor with a big huge belly -- its not easy, and we women are extremely talented to perform such tasks weekly. 

3.  Congestion.  I guess this is normal, but never happened with my other pregnancies.  Although, it almost makes sense, considering I never had allergies until two summers ago either (I guess I am getting old or something).  Anyways, I would really like to breathe through my nose, or, stop the nosebleeds when I do. 

4.  Exercise.  I want to jog or walk up stairs without feeling like a slug, losing my breath, or sweating like a maniac.  I am tired of going up the stairs at work (to try to stay in a tiny bit of shape) only to get to the top out of breath and have coworkers say, "are you okay?  You look all hot and are out of breath."  Argh, yes, I just walked up the stairs....

5.  Energy.  Maybe this is the same as #4, I dunno, but I want energy back.  And drive.  And I don't want these things at 3AM just because I cannot sleep.  I want to feel like doing something, I am tired of forcing myself to do things just because I know they are good for me. 

6.  Oh my goodness, sleep!  I don't care if I get it in two hour intervals when the baby comes...oh to sleep in a position and not have a horrid backache or an arm or a leg fall asleep.  And to not have to wander from the bed, to the chair, to the couch, to the floor, in search of that ever elusive comfortable position!

7.   Alcohol.  I don't care what people say or think, I miss it.  A lot.  It's like a long lost friend. 

8.  Food.  I want to eat that.  I want to stop thinking *as much* about carbs.  Eating the way I do now is really healthy, but I want the guilt to stop if I have a cookie.  or a Cadbury Mini Egg.  Or Rice with Chipotle. 

9.  Dreams and thoughts.  I want to stop wondering about how labor is going to go, what this kid is going to look like, if he will be healthy or what he will be like...I want to stop wondering and worrying.  I want to start doing.  I am struggling with having faith right now that God knows what He is doing and I just have to go along with it.  God give me the faith to do this.  Or give me the courage to pretend I have the faith.  :-) 

10.  Lightning crotch.  I won't say more. 

Only one more official week to go...full term today, let's go baby!