Thursday, January 22, 2015

Halloween 2014

I realize it is JANUARY for goodness sake, but like I mentioned in a previous blog, I was too busy and honestly, I just didn't feel like blogging then.

I am enjoying going through the pictures now, as I do every year at year-end, deleting ones here and there, and reminiscing.

Each year I let my boys pick their Halloween costumes.  Within reason.  There shall never be any blood, guts, or gory costumes in this house.  When they are older, if they want to see that stuff, they can just turn on the five o'clock news or watch one of the 50 forensic shows on tv which all have the exact same plot.  Until then, they can be pretty much whatever they want -- something I NEVER got to do when I was little and trick-or-treating.

I always had to be a witch.  Ugh.  I still resent that I always had to be a witch, with the exception of two years.  The first, in kindergarten, when I had to be a clown.  I cried and cried and cried as Mom made me put on this ridiculous costume she made for me and then she put circle stickers all over my outfit.  The second, and this is pretty much the only Halloween I ever truly loved my costume, was the year I was a "My Little Pony" -- Cotton Candy.  During trick-or-treating that year, I slipped and fell and tore my costume, so it was never worn again.

Fast forward to now:  We carved pumpkins one night before Halloween...

Nathan is FINALLY able and willing to scoop out his guts.  Evan, not so much.   Mommy and Daddy still had to do it.

Why can't these boys ever all smile in one picture?  It's either one or the other....

Here is Evan:  IRONMAN.   He was loving the lights we taped to his shirt, and velcroed around his hands.

Here is Nathan, er....Luke Skywalker:

And here comes a bag of M&M Peanuts:  Jeffrey!!!  (he was lovin' the nana Grandma gave him)

After a visit to the grandparents, we headed over to Auntie Karen's to trick or treat and socialize.  The other Grandma and Grandpa showed up....

The boys all went out around 6 as the sun was setting to get some treats!  Bye boys!

They trick or treated for so long (until 8) and it was FREEZING on Halloween night, that Mommy had to get in the Acadia and come get everyone as they had walked too far around the lake.  It was fun picking up everyone because when I drove up they were all so HAPPY.

After they got back, Auntie had food for everyone and then here she is lovin' on my littles...

One last pictures of the happy little bag of nuts!  

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