Wednesday, January 28, 2015

More Christmas!

Speltz Christmas -- as usual, the girls (sans Molly) are in the kitchen getting stuff ready....boys?  downstairs at the bar...

So we drink and snack while we get the food ready, and take selfies --

My mom has cut back on the cookies...but there are still lots...

Here are my boys with their Speltz cousins: 

Here come the blurry gift openings: 

Kevin and his girlfriend!  This was a first...(looks like a keeper!)

Schwartz Christmas:

Schwartz cousins...and the dog. 

Family pic....J, what you doing?  

Grandparents and grandkids! 

Three generations...

Let's get the wives in there...

It started to snow...I told the boys to get outside.  It was such a lovely snow, so I went outside was warm, so the snow was perfect for making snowballs.  I started to throw them at the boys - BAD IDEA!  Suddenly I had FOUR kids throwing snow at me! Fortunately, I had my phone, so I called Chris and he answered (he was inside playing on his phone) and I go, "Help! I need reinforcements!" 

He understood and the next thing I know, here come the Daddies!  Boy was that fun, they whipped snowballs at these boys and there was so much giggling and laughing from everyone -- 

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