Sunday, January 25, 2015

The one weekend we had free in November got filled up quickly...

We have a busy house.  I love it and hate it all at the same time.  I wouldn't change it and want to change it all at the same time.  This  doesn't make any sense to me, so I don't expect anyone else to understand it either.  :)  

The day after Halloween Chris had some friends over to try some beers they had purchased from down south.  I went out and ran errands beforehand and bought some steaks.  They were amazing on the grill, but I recall the mushrooms being better.  One of his friends that was over is a 60+ (I think!) veteran that has been a friend of Chris' family for years.  He is amazing to talk to about anything and we had a good chat while sauteing mushrooms, snitching tastes, and sipping our drinks.  I really enjoyed the night and I always enjoy Chris' friends, as they become my friends.  

I thought I would throw some of the past three months "everyday" pics in this post.

Jeffrey and the cat. They play all the time.  It's really interesting that an 8 month old baby can figure out how to pick up the cat toy and get the kitty to play.  

Relaxing...this was Roary's spot...I still think of Roary a lot.

I had a basket-making day at my house.  I got two almost done that night, and finished up the rest over the next couple weeks...they turned out beautiful and were wondering Christmas presents!

Mystro again...

Jeffrey and the ball popper.  And Mystro!  They were so entertained -- hard to figure out who liked it more!

Jeffrey liked baths when he was a little baby.  Then, about four or five months old, he started hating baths.  Then, he decided he liked them again.  He hears the water running and his brothers getting in the tub and he cries if its not his turn...

We had a DQ gift certificate and took the kids one night out to dinner.  Their burgers are surprisingly good.

I took the kids down to the play park in Edina one day.  I stitched while they ran around -- it was really nice.  The baby stayed home with Daddy.

We hung out with Delaney (neighbor) one night while her parents went out.  She played well with the kitty.

My fox finally went on sale and I got him!  LOVE YOU ROAR!
Someone was talking to Jeffrey here and making faces -- pretty funny...

Grandpa and Grandma took a vacation.  We watched their house and Nathan shoveled the driveway with me one day.  It took us like 15 minutes to find a shovel!

Ready for Christmas!  FIVE stockings this year!  It would be SEVEN with the cats  :)

It has been a lousy winter actually.  We made this snowman the week I knew all the snow would melt...and it pretty much did.  There is a tiny little bit of this big fat snowman left outside, it is supposed to be 40 again a lot this week so that will be gone soon...

The day after Christmas...Chris and I got a lot done.  He ran some errands and I started burning all the Christmas stuff...saved us being behind about two or three weeks on the garbage and recycling.  Plus, it was warm out and hardly any snow on the ground so the kids enjoyed it.

Home Depot - making sleds!  This was early January.

And there you are, January started, and here is is, almost already over.  It is starting to get busy at work, and so the next two months are just going to FLY by....

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