Thursday, January 29, 2015

Up to Thanksgiving....

Post trip went by so fast...why you ask?  Oh, you know, just the normal November sicknessess!

Things were supposed to calm down...Thursday the week after our trip, Nathan pukes.  

He didn't stop until Saturday.  We were hoping we were in the clear, then that night, Evan.  BLAH.  Daddy and I took turns with him.  Oh the joys.  

Sunday morning?  Daddy falls ill around 10AM.  I wasn't feeling so good but I held it together all day and took care of things.  Monday morning I had a conference -- Daddy hadn't gotten out of bed until 7AM when I start yelling at him because I feel like crap and had to go and get the kids going.

Then Grandma calls.  She was sick.  Shit.  Baby and Evan stay home with Grandma.  Mommy takes Nathan to school and heads to conference -- my throat is dry and my voice is hoarse, but whatever.  

Everyone I talk to at the conference says, "are you sick?"  because I was losing my voice.  That got annoying quite fast, so I hid in the back and stopped talking to people (screw you people!)....then, I had to go to the bathroom.  rut roh.  after about the 3rd trip to the bathroom, I was outta there.  

I came home, took my temperature (102!) and was like, oh crap, no wonder I feel delusional!  I laid in bed for five hours, and then got up and laid on the couch and we watched "Nine Lives" on Hallmark.  It's funny how I remembered the show even though I felt like crap. I should watch that again -- I love Hallmark!  Thank goodness there are new shows on for Valentine's day -- corny romance and no sex -- love that!!

Here's Mystee!  

In between all the sicknessess, I had a basket making day with the a lot done and had a good time even though wasn't feeling the greatest.

Lisa the basket-weaving QUEEN:

Mystro trying to assist:

The day Chris was sick, I had to put up the gate.  This little guy kept trying to go down the stairs...I want my baby back!  *sniff sniff*

Where is Jeffrey?   Cute baby!!

Lots of puking = lots of sheet washing.  Mystro likes to make sure I get the sheets nice on the bed....

Put up some Christmas stuff...once again, Mystro tries to help....

More basket making....oy....

Happy Thanksgiving!  apparently I took no pictures other than these:

At least I got one of Jeffrey!

And of Dad and Glen napping while the girls do dishes...ripoff!

Christmas cookies the next day:  

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