Sunday, February 8, 2015

Our Christmas

I am finally caught up to our Christmas -- it totally is not my fault. For some reason, everytime I buy a laptop it lasts about a year and then craps out on me.  Chris has reimaged it twice and the thing still is haven't issues.  The last one I had the harddrive failed, and the same with the one before that.  He has no idea yet what is wrong with the current one.  So, right now I am using his computer and hot DAMN it is fast.  I just touch a button and stuff pops up!!  Amazing...
Anyways, here is our Christmas - or a few pics from it.  Evan got a fever the Saturday before and I think he may have had the flu -- but the rest of us actually didn't get it so I was like, woo-hoo!!! 
So much for the flu shot...stupid thing doesn't work anyways.  The flu vaccine is the one vaccine I just do not understand.  Here, have a shot, we admit it doesn't work 50% of the time in a good year (this year my doctor admitted it was worthless), but we still recommend you get it.  Even though everytime you have given it to your kids they have gotten horribly sick with the flu shortly after, there is absolutely no connection and that's all just your imagination!   uh huh. 
Anyways, I digress - Christmas!!

Growing up Christmas was magical -- I miss that part of it as an adult, and often the thought of what Christmas should be like is better than what it actually is for me -- but I am working on letting go of that perfectionism, and seeing the joy in my children's eyes -- like a reflection of the joy and wonder I felt years ago -- and suddenly the anxiety falls away when I do that, and I do not care so much that everything is quite "perfect" --

Most of our pictures are of the baby, because the other two boys could NOT sit still they were so excited! 

I love how Mystro is always around..always there, just like Roar always was...Maine Coons are just wonderful cats....

Jeffrey was like, "oh good, something else I can taste!"

The two older boys thought Jeffrey took WAY TOO LONG opening his gifts...kind of funny. 

Waiting patiently, my little Evan...

Nathan being a reindeer...

He could NOT stop smiling...

Rip 'em open Evan!

Our family tradition is making homemade pizzas after gift is Evan eating his --

Here is Nathan -- the kids love how they can pick exactly what they want...

Snuggles on the couch with Jeffrey...he was getting tired!! 

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