Thursday, April 23, 2015

Post 600!!!!!

Back in the day when blogs started, if you hit a milestone, like your 100th post, they would often have a drawing or a prize if you commented on the post.

So, comment in the post below and see what you get!  (and if you don't like handmade things or I don't know you, you won't get anything...)

Anyways, i am not sure where to start.  i got a new phone in january (tired of capitalizing letters right now by the way), and i hadn't even downloaded one picture until today.  yikes!  april 23rd.

well, i guess we shall start at the very beginning, a very good place to start....


Well, after a nice long break, it was back to work and time to get ready for my 15th busy season.  Damn i am old.

Jeffrey was on the move....not yet walking about scooting around just fine...he is also a chatterbox.  Saying lots of words, loves to copy cat...

A friend came to see how fluffy Mystro's tail was...and he impressed!

The chicken army slowly grew...

Jeffrey became addicted to crawling under the table and getting stuck....

A Saturday night surprise, somehow we all ended up at Karen's and had some was wonderful!  Jeffrey's first lo mein and fried rice...OMG he loved it...this kid eats anything.

Although, after all that chinese food, he just couldn't stay awake.  We all watched old episodes of Woody Woodpecker -- which the kids still ask about (I don't have Netflix so we don't get that).

Chris took a Tuesday off and we decided to go ice fishing before I got too busy.  We got out on the lake, got set-up, and guess who showed up?  Mom and Dad!  Totally unplanned, and hilarious.  

Chris helped Dad set the permanent house out...

Mom holding a fish!  We had the best time that day...Chris left to fish with the men, and Mom and I fished by ourselves...things were going great until a Toothie got my favorite lure and then I was done.

Grandma Gus finished up pj's for's like Where's Waldo!

Rearranged a few things in my office, and my aloe continues to explode.  I am pretty sure this thing just likes office air or something....I even gave a ton of the babies to a friend of mine at work!  

Finished an end topper for my mom.  Mystro was making sure it was high quality.

I guess I stayed downstairs too long, and Jeffrey couldn't wait tired!

Nathan and Evan did skating lessons again...Nathan in blue...

Hard to see but Evan is down and red -- he fell down.  A LOT.

That's it for this post -- more soon?  (who really knows...)  ;-)


  1. Hello Mreownee! Love the Where's Evan pic and the ones of mom at the lake--wish I could have randomly shown up at the lake that day too =)

  2. I don't know how to post on here without selecting anonymous...