Tuesday, January 12, 2016

An Open Letter to the walking moms I see each morning:

Dear moms that walk your kids to school everyday (and the one dad):

I see you almost everyday.   I think you are awesome.  I have names for each of you.

There is "mom that walks with her three kids" -- two at her side, one headed to school, one probably preschool age, and one infant she wears.  She is always styling while she walks her kids to school.  Her hair looks done up, she has a cute long dress or coat on, but she is always walking all three of those kids.  rock on girl!

There is "mom that walks back with her little boy".  I don't always see her walking her kids to school, but she is always walking back with her little boy.  She makes me laugh.  Sometimes, she makes the little boy walk.  Sometimes, she brings the stroller.  And sometimes, I see her carrying that little shit back probably because he refuses to walk or has gotten tired.

There are two "moms that always walk with a few kids, and then slowly walk back home by themselves."  The one mom today was wearing snowpants and a long winter coat.  I was like, "that mom has boys and they get her full of snow.   good planning girl!  dang boys!"

And then there is the "one dad".  He never just leaves his kids at the crosswalk.  He always walks with his kids, and they aren't kindergarteners, across the street and up to the school.  I see him hug them good-bye and wave and then he heads home.  I always admire how he walks them up to the door.

Anyways, these people have no idea I watch them everyday, but if they did, I would just tell them how awesome (and lucky) I think they are for walking their kids to school, and spending that quality time with them.  

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