Thursday, January 28, 2016

Eight is Great! Photo Post!

Nathan has always been a cutie, but he is growing into his own now....he seems so old but I know EIGHT is just scratching the surface...

Likes:  Star Wars, Pokemon, Video Games, Soccer, Running around like crazy with his brothers, legos, friends, reading, doing new things, hummus, root beer

Dislikes:  People who do not follow rules, frosting (weird, I know), getting told to do something over, some chores...

Nathan has gotten really good at soccer this year -- he thinks about others, thinks about his team, and where people should go.  I enjoy watching him play so I hope this continues.

Nathan cares about everything and everyone.  He is a rule follower and takes after his mother there.  He doesn't understand why anyone would want to be mean or unkind to anyone else.  He tells me he doesn't understand why kids are sometimes mean to him.  I love how he doesn't understand something you really can't.

Nathan is learning how to play the piano, I am slowly teaching him, but he doesn't seem to have the drive to learn like I did.  He is pretty young so I am not pushing him.  He loved playing Jingle Bells for everyone over Christmas break.

Nathan is a great helper.  He may get frustrated sometimes being the oldest and having to do more, but I just remind him that he always gets to do more.

These two pictures (above and below) were hilarious because Nathan started posing like the models he sees on tv.  Made me and the photographer LOL.

It surprised me this summer how much Nathan started to enjoy reading.  Once he found books he enjoyed, he would rip through things like crazy.  He loves the Magic Tree House books too -- although they aren't written very well, he learns things.  The other day he told me the Titanic sunk because it hit an iceberg and that we dropped two atomic bombs on Japan.  I was like, what?!

Deep down I have always known Nathan was smart.  But after some bad teachers in preschool, and a slightly rough start in Kindergarten, and a first grade teacher that was more concerned about his wiggliness than his aptitude, I doubted myself.  This year was the first conference ever where I was told what a delight Nathan was, how bright he was, and how he is incredibly bored in math.  While he got put into a more challenging reading group, they said they would give him harder math, but haven't yet.  Nathan says he dislikes math at school because it is so boring.  We do multiplication now at home -- he thinks differently than I do, and so I am fascinated how he comes up with the right answer in such an unusual way (compared to me).  Granted, I don't go around telling people my son is "gifted".  Boy, people who do that are annoying!  (I know one mom who talks about it  all.  the.  time. "Oh, he is so gifted so I wonder how they will challenge him??" )  *puke*.  I want to say, "your son is smart, like many others... oh, and he is a little jerk when you aren't around by the way...."

Nathan is such a blessing to our family, he is sweet, humble, and loved.  He says he wants to be a mechanical engineer when he grows up, like Uncle Kevin, and build things.  

We love you Nathan!

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