Friday, January 8, 2016

Fierce 2016!

I have actually made New Years resolutions this year.  And they are hard I have to be tough to accomplish them.  FIERCE.

One of my goals, which I am doing at work as well, is to be real, to be transparent, and to be there.  All too often in my life, people haven't been there for me, and that's been a major disappointment.   It's taken me a long time to forgive them (and to continue forgiving them...).  But anyone else tired of all the pretty, happy blog and facebook posts?  That's not real.

Real life sucks and is messy and wonderful and crazy and ironic and fabulous.  That's real.  Let's get real.

I used to read Kelle Hamptons blog.  She used to be real.  When her daughter was born, she shared her pain, her struggles, but as her blog got popular, I found her to only be posting about all the wonderfulness of her life.  It got boring -- unrealistic.  She said she didn't want to focus on the negative.  I guess I understand that, but at the same time, boring.

Anyways, here's to 2016!!!  woot.  The New Year came in like a flash....December has been an interesting month for me, for our family.

I feel bad I haven't blog about anything from like, September, but at the same time, I don't feel bad.  I've been busy.   Why?  Because I keep busy.  And life keeps us busy.

Around Halloween, we all got a run of strep.  1, 2, 3, and 4 -- somehow, Nathan survived catching it.  Poor Daddy had it on Halloween so poor Mommy had to take the kids trick or treating BY HERSELF.  it sucked.  except for the beer I drank.  That night, I woke up with the sorest throat ever.  In my mind I was like, "really Lord?  Really?"....

We had a trip planned to Wisconsin Dells that following weekend and I was pissed I was sick...but the miracle of antibiotics had me almost 100% by Thursday and we were on our way.  woo-hoo!  I was so happy!  We stopped at a Culvers about halfway and the boys and I were chatting and I got a phone call.  I answered it -- it was my mom, and a good friend of ours had suddenly died.  I got up from eating my butter burger and went outside of Culvers and cried on the sidewalk.

After awhile I realized I had to be tough for my kids and could cry later if I felt like it.  So I went back in and told the kids we were getting ice cream!  We finished and made it to the Dells around 8 and let the boys play in the huge indoor playground they have there for an hour.  On the way back to the hotel room, Nathan started to puke.  Having been an expert puker myself growing up (I puked all the fricking time, my poor parents), I started yelling at him.  It was NOT one of my proudest moments.  I was like, "Nathan!  Knock it off!  Hold it in until we get back to the hotel room for gosh sakes!!"  He couldn't.  He puked in his shirt and all over the hallway.  Chris found a garbage can and then he puked in that.

We finally got back to the hotel room and had a puking kid covered in puke, a sad Renee thinking about her friend that died, and the fact that this vacation would probably be over before it started.  We finally got things cleaned up and kids to bed, and then Evan said his tummy hurt.  Figures, stomach flu on vacation I thought.  So, we grabbed two garbage cans and I sat with the kids in their beds to see how the night went...minutes passed into hours, and finally around 2AM I decided it was safe to crawl into my bed with Christopher.

It ended up being a good vacation overall.  But it definately wasn't perfect.  The kids did not get sick again, and we had a great time.  Maybe I will post pictures sometime if I ever catch up on this blog thing.  haha.

My friends funeral was the following weekend, and then it was Thanksgiving, and before you know it, November was over. That's all the time I have to type for now...maybe a photo post later?

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