Friday, April 15, 2016

August fishing with the boys...

So, I have decided to only blog when I enjoy it.  I've got a busy family, a busy career, so somethings gotta give, and it's this blog.  

But, right now I feel relaxed and have a few moments so I guess I can catch up from August, 2015, right??!!!

We got out on one summer fishing trip this year...which is way better than last year, which was ZERO.  I've noticed that with three kids we really have to make choices on how we want to spend our time.  

You never know if fishing is going to be good or bad...but this trip was beyond memorable.  Daddy put the boat in the water at the dock and then boys were standing next to me, and Daddy gave me the rope to hold the boat.

He then went to go park the Acadia.  As he was driving away, the rope to the boat let loose!  The boat started to float away...I screamed, "CHRIS!!" and he heard me and stopped the car and ran out.  

The boat was floating away and Chris jumped in the lake to grab it!  I ran over to the second dock at the same time (and screamed at the boys to stay put!) and just as Chris was swimming to the boat, I grabbed the boat from the second dock.  Chris was soaked, drenched head to foot in his clothes, and the kids were yelling, "Mommy!  daddy jumped in the lake!"  

One we had the boat, it was funny.  Chris thought at first that I had dropped the rope...but when he saw the rope in my hands, he was so surprised that somehow the latch came off of the front of the boat.  

Boy, this is a memory that makes me laugh.

We then went fishing, and the fish were biting!  My dad and Jerry ended up being out on the lake that day as times!

Daddy trying to dry off in the below..which ended up being BAD, because then he BURNED!!

Look at these clouds!  what a lovely day...

Reel it in Nathan!

Evan and Mommy!

Nathan and Mommy!  Love me my boys!

Always have snacks and drinks when fishing.  always.

We also, ALWAYS, go cruisin' around the lake once we are done fishing...this is one of my favorite things in life...cruisin' round the lake...

The boys sometimes turn the corners so sharp I swear we are gonna flip, but Daddy says he has it under control...

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