Monday, April 18, 2016

Brewery tour

Sometime last summer we did a brewery tour with my sister and her husband.

Below is Karen pretending to take a sip of the beer...well, maybe she actually took a sip...

What was hilarious was that the first brewery had juice boxes..and Karen loves juice boxes!  Plus she was our Sobercab so she sucked that thing down!

Most of the pictures are from the first place...I guess we got tired of pictures after that..ha!

Karen trying not to laugh as she practiced her standing bitch face....

Urban Growler!  This was my favorite...yum!!!

This was at a brewery down from Urban idea what it was called, but good pictures!

This was at Surly...way too crowded!

This was at our last brewery...geez, Insight maybe?  I don't remember.  They had Mad Libs.  We drank some more beer...and then, then we were feeling very tired of beer...

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