Friday, April 22, 2016

School and a Wild Game

As with the end of summer comes the beginning of school....

We started school this year before labor day -- the school said it was because of the construction they were going to do next summer and because labor day was so late.  Either way, they could have cancelled spring break instead (which is a completed waste of a week off which no one *needs*) -- that would have been a much better idea instead of messing with everyone's summer.  

Here is Nathan in front of the school -- getting bigger!  

We try to take the boys to one Wild game a year -- we usually do a pre-season game because well, they don't like to sit during all of it anyways, it's less busy, and it is pretty exciting (the start of a new season always brings hope)...

 Oh!  Another fun note for this game, Daddy once again had our agent move our tickets to be four seats in a row.  We get the tickets and I say to Chris, "These aren't those in the back again, that aren't in a row?"  and he is like, "no..."  Yeah, we get there, and once again, we have three seats in a row, and another one like a mile away.. (I was like, I told you!)...not good for a family of four!!

We had fun being silly.

Daddy splurged and got the kids this crazy ice cream thing below...OMG it was huge!!!

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