Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Working hard...

So in May I decided to switch teams at work, because most of my work is in the contracting/construction area, so I switched to the construction team.  Makes sense, right?

They've been asking me off and on to switch for years.  At one point I decided to switch, but since I was pregnant at the time, they told me to hold off.  After that, I just decided to stay where I was.

Now I am having major buyers remorse about the move.  I have moved to a team where the managers there do NOT want me.  I figured it wouldn't bother me much, because pretty much my whole life I have been around people who were rude and/or passive aggressive.  But, I guess the fact is after going to work and being around negativity all day, it's hard to come home and be around more of it.

Like with friends and neighbors make snide remarks that normally you let slide, those things bother me now.  And I think it is because I come home and am spent and have little patience left in the tank for my family.

It is Tuesday and the house is empty this morning.   I am feeling sad since none of the kids came and gave me a hug good-bye, it is supposed to be 110 degrees this week (disgusting!), and the world sucks.

The world always sucks, but lately with the violence and cop-killings, my gut hurts more.  I got stuck in protest traffic last Wednesday for two and a half hours.  On a bus.  The blessing that came out of that was I had a wonderful conversation with the black women sitting next to me.  She wanted all those people to be arrested and was talking to me about her life and how she had always been treated by people growing up.  You see, she had a white grandmother, so she was never black enough for her friends.  Her grandmother was Italian and she loved her grandmother dearly.   She said she got picked on all the time, called all sorts of names, didn't talk "right" and so she always made friends with other kids.  She wished me a "beautiful life" and she told me that it never expires.  We talked about work, had some connections there, life, gardening, and the cows that sometimes break out of her neighbors fence, get into her garden, and eat her plants.  I was really glad I had her to talk to for the hour and a half we just sat there.  I hope I see her again someday, but I doubt it, since after that day, she said she is going to avoid the bus and downtown Minneapolis for awhile.

Well, as usual, Tuesday is the day I get to kick my own ass.  But, this afternoon may be fun.  I have to go upstairs, start on chores, make Evan's birthday cupcakes, go pick up Evan for an 11:30 ortho appointment (poor boy, his first of very very many I am afraid), but then I may take him to see a movie.  It's his birthday week after all!  There is also a special family fun night tonight in Blaine from 6-8 with bouncy houses for free, so maybe I will take him to that too.

It is simply too hot this week to mow lawn, so we will probably let it grow.  After all the yard work I did last week, I am really not into it today.

Chris leaves for a week on Sunday, and I am always nervous about anyone flying anywhere, but now twice as nervous with all these terrorist attacks.  I know God's in control but it doesn't feel like He is.  It is the County Fair too next week, so he won't be around for that, so I am wondering if we will go, unless we go on Friday, which I don't really want to do given how busy it is.

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