Tuesday, August 9, 2016

2015: Decorating the tree and Evan's Christmas Program

The boys enjoy decorating the tree...

I think.  at least I used to enjoy decorating the tree...but  now that I have three boys, I am more of a referee than anything else.  

It always looks nice when done...

Meh...we got a little snow.  The snow-haters came out of the woodwork!  I just do not understand why anyone would live in Minnesota and hate snow.  There are so many other snow-less cities to go to...

Jeffrey was being naughty...

We got a little more snow...

Jeffrey got a little naughtier.  He kept sneaking up on the table to grab "num nums", but decided to go the side without a chair.  LOL!   "i stuck!  I stuck!"

Pretty at night...oh how lovely Christmas lights are at night with snow!  

I knew the early snow would melt...so we went out and made the best of it.

I bought some things for Mystro.

He was not amused.  

Here is Jeffrey at Evan's program...Jeffrey was so excited to see "Eva" up there!  

Evan belted it out!

As always, Evan is my sour patch kid.  First he's naughty, then he's sweet.  So, so sweet.

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